Why humans are the lowest animal

The animal kingdom holds numerous examples of a form of that greed But the human being is a totally different case. Greed is THE primary motivating factor in everything we do.

Why humans are the lowest animal

The animals living today are all descended from 12 individuals and they have extremely low genetic variation, which may be beginning to affect the reproductive ability of bulls. Overhunting pushed the northern elephant seal to the brink of extinction by the late 19th century.

Though they have made a comeback, the genetic variation within the population remains very low. A classic example of a population bottleneck is that of the northern elephant sealwhose population fell to about 30 in the s.

Although it now numbers in the hundreds of thousands, the potential for bottlenecks within colonies remains. Dominant bulls are able to mate with the largest number of females — sometimes as many as With so much of a colony's offspring descended from just one dominant male, genetic diversity is limited, making the species more vulnerable to diseases and genetic mutations.

The golden hamster is a similarly bottlenecked species, with the vast majority of domesticated hamsters descended from a single litter found in the Syrian desert aroundand very few wild golden hamsters remaining.

An extreme example of a population bottleneck is the New Zealand Black Robinof which every specimen today is a descendant of a single female, called Old Blue.

The Black Robin population is still recovering from its population of 5 specimen in The genome of the giant panda shows evidence of a severe bottleneck that took place about 43, years ago. An unknown environmental event is suspected to have caused the bottlenecks observed in both of these species.

The bottlenecks likely caused the low genetic diversity observed in both species. Further deductions can sometimes be inferred from an observed population bottleneck. Before Europeans arrived in North Americaprairies served as habitats to greater prairie chickens.

Why humans are the lowest animal

In Illinois alone, the number of greater prairie chickens plummeted from over million in to about 50 in These declines in population were the result of hunting and habitat destructionbut the random consequences have also caused a great loss in species diversity.

DNA analysis comparing the birds from and mid-century shows a steep genetic decline in recent decades. The greater prairie chicken is currently experiencing low reproductive success. The disappearance of a central population poses a major threat of population bottleneck.

The remaining two populations are now geographically isolated and the populations face an unstable future with limited remaining opportunity for gene flow.

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The extensive use of desirable individual animals at the exclusion of others can result in a popular sire effect. Selective breeding for dog breed s caused constricting breed-specific bottlenecks. A population bottleneck was created in the s through the conservation efforts of the endangered Mauna Kea silversword Argyroxiphium sandwicense ssp.

All of the outplanted silversword plants were found to be first or subsequent generation offspring of just two maternal founders.

The low amount of polymorphic loci in the outplanted individuals led to the population bottleneck, causing the loss of the marker allele at eight of the loci.

Minimum viable population size[ edit ] Main article:The Long Explanation. Before I start, I should say that this is not going to be a critique of vegetarianism.

There are many arguments for and against vegetarianism, I am simply going to concentrate on the importance of humans compared to other animals. Apr 30,  · From the most technical biological definition, humans are animals, which means they are multicellular (which humans are) eukaryotic (again, which humans are) organisms (which is a pretty generic term for any living thing, which, again, humans are).

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A human has a chance at escaping, defeating or discouraging pretty much any animal opponent, so the most likely outcome of an animal encounter is that both parties walk away unharmed.

The most deadly animal, the one you are least likely to survive an encounter with is your own body. The Lowest Animal by Mark Twain I have been scientifically studying the traits and dispositions of the "lower animals" (so-called), and contrasting them with the traits and dispositions of man.

Ilnesses makes humans rutadeltambor.com declared that “Higher animals have a few diseases ” (page 5, paragraph 3).He might be rutadeltambor.com are getting sick too much but it doesn’t make us the lowest animals because we see that animals which Twain compared with us have also several severe diseases.

The lowest animal, details about our human beings' bad and disgusting aspects. Mark Twain talks about human beings' greed, cruelty, vulgarity, wastefulness, and othe lots of evil aspects. By saying these things, he exclaims that human beings are the lowest animal in .

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