What style of editing is a beautiful mind call

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What style of editing is a beautiful mind call

This is an edited and enlarged transcript from a session of a workshop, held in Atlanta in 1, which directly addressed this issue in response to a question from a participant.

While much of what I will say is already discussed in my book Absence from Felicity: This will begin the process of addressing the questions that have been raised, which have largely been based on erroneous information. Page from Helens notebook When Helen started taking down the Course in Octobershe wrote down what she heard.

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One of the misconceptions or myths surrounding her scribing is that this was the first time Helen had heard an inner voice. This is not the case.

Helen took these messages down in shorthand, in stenography notebooks. She had learned shorthand when she was in graduate school and had developed her own version, which was partially a blend of Gregg and Pitman, the two main shorthand methods. The following day, whenever she and Bill would have time in what was then a very busy schedule, she would dictate to Bill what had been dictated to her, and he would type it out.

As he would jokingly say afterwards, he would type it out with one hand on the typewriter this was before computers and the other hand holding Helen up, because she would be so nervous.

Sometimes when she would read it to Bill, she would start to stutter or lose her voice. She was always an excellent speaker, and so this was most uncharacteristic of her.

In the first several weeks of the scribing, which consists roughly of the material up to and including Chapters 4 and 5 in the text, the dictation was much more personal than was the case later.

It was as if Helen and Jesus were sitting on her living room couch having a conversation. The first and fundamental thing to remember about miracles is that there is no order of difficulty among them.

Some time into the scribing, Helen complained to Jesus that he needed a better introduction, saying, in effect: Typically, Helen would write down a miracle principle and then there would be a lot of discussion about it, including the aforementioned questions.

What style of editing is a beautiful mind call

These also included things Bill had in mind that he asked Helen to ask for him. Much of the material that came during this time was clearly not meant for publication. It was obviously meant to help Helen personally, and to help Helen and Bill in their relationship, the troubled aspect of which was the original stimulus for the coming of the Course.

In addition, material was given to help Helen and Bill bridge the gap between the psychology that was being offered in the Course and the psychology they both knew, which was basically Freudian.

There was thus some material on Freud and other psychologists, like Jung and Rank. Edgar Cayce There also was some discussion of Edgar Cayce, because Bill was quite interested in him at that time.

In fact, he pressured Helen to read some of the Cayce writings. Moreover, they both went to the Association for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach, the institute Cayce founded.

For a number of reasons, none of this material belonged in the published version. First, much of it was personal to Helen and Bill, and had nothing to do with the teachings of A Course in Miracles.

Perhaps even more importantly, Helen was notoriously inaccurate when her own ego was involved. A great deal of this early material was colored by Helen. She was incredibly accurate when her ego was not in the way, however, and that is why the pure teaching of the Course is what it is.

Helen did not like Jung, and neither did Bill; they did not know much about him and his work, but they did not like him. And so, when one reads these comments about Freud and Jung, it becomes clear that distinct biases are involved. Helen did not believe the words she took down were sacred … Another important point is that when the messages Helen wrote down had to do with something specific in the world, they were frequently wrong.

Nothing could be farther from the truth regarding the Course. Helen did not believe the words she took down were sacred; nor did Bill or I for that matter.

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At the end, I will discuss what should be treated as sacred. Instead of being a conversation, the dictation became essentially straight lecture, as if Jesus were standing at a podium speaking, and Helen, his devoted student in the auditorium, were writing down everything he said.

A Beautiful Mind () | Jeffrey Overstreet

As one reads the text from Chapters 4 and 5 on, one can see a real difference in the style of writing—more fluent, less inconsistent in language. From about Chapter 16 on, there are an increasing number of passages in verse, and the last two chapters are all in iambic pentameter.

What style of editing is a beautiful mind call

This was unknown to Helen at first, but after a while she realized the words were coming in a definite rhythm. From Lesson 99 on, the entire workbook, including rather prosaic instructions, is in blank verse i. One of the examples I have used in the past to describe the early weeks of the scribing is how if you live in the Northeast or Midwest and leave your house for vacation and shut the water off, when you come back and turn it on, very often you get rust because the pipes are old.Outsource your wedding video editing, get more smiles.

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To create the "right" style, you must discover what your mind expects and deliver it. And this is a problem I won't solve for you. You can only analyze reality, search for the patterns that your mind may need, and experiment with them.

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