Theme park industry on the gold

A timeline of a tragedy1: WHSQ has finished its report and a coronial inquest into the four deaths is expected to take place over the coming months. While Dreamworld visitors scream and laugh while rushing up the side of the Tower of Terror, their eyes are drawn to the drained raft ride below.

Theme park industry on the gold


A promising new sector in entertainment has opened up in Chinatriggering a gold rush by eager U. But the Chinese government, worried about side effects of hyper-growth such as heavy debt and poor-quality product, is warning players to clean up their act and stepping in to head off problems before they become systemic.

In short, what happened with the film industry in China now seems to be repeating itself, this time with the theme-park business. The opening two years ago this week of Shanghai Disney Resort kicked off what real estate consultancy Colliers Intl.

The field was characterized by baby steps from tothen by industrialization by Chinese companies until Airlines have proliferated, 50, cinema screens have gone up in 10 years and companies are building theme parks to thrill the masses.

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Few analysts have any doubt demand will continue to rise. Market research company Euromonitor Intl. After pulling in an above-forecast 11 million visitors in its first 12 months, Shanghai Disneyland saw the numbers drop in the first months of this year, which the company blamed on bad weather.

If little can be done about the weather — though many Chinese operators have built indoor parks — the government is keen that the industry not inflict any self-imposed wounds. It also warned that the billions of yuan being sunk into construction could create debt problems for local authorities.

And it railed against conventional property developments falsely branded as tourist destinations. As in the film industry, the example of Dalian Wanda is instructive.

By mid, Wanda had sold off many of its parks after being ordered to slash its spiraling debt. For those companies that remain in the business, there is now a growing prospect of smart and professional expansion of local Chinese IP.

Alongside established parks specialists such as OCT, Songcheng and Chimelong, those joining the fray include companies like Fantawild and Huayi Brothers Media, which have honed their act in both media and parks. Film industry pioneer Huayi already operates a park on Hainan Island structured around the films of Feng Xiaogang.

Next month it will open another in Suzhou, with more under construction in Jinan, Nanjing and Changsha.Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter says the theme park industry across the region has suffered in the wake of Tuesday’s accident where four people died on the Thunder River Rapids.

Our theme park is one of the biggest in South Africa and will transport you to the gold rush era. 16 thrill rides, 14 dedicated rides for the kiddies, Jump City Trampoline Park, the only authentic underground mine tour in Johannesburg, 12 dining options, 7 Retail stores, plus 15 other attractions!

With a wide array of incredible pristine beaches and many adventurous activity options, the Gold Coast is unquestionably the jewel of Queensland’s tourism of the most popular attractions for visitors on the Gold Coast, are the theme parks which complement the natural attractions that the region has to offer..

With many family friendly and adrenaline pumping rides on offer, the. The Gold Coast theme park industry may be currently in the doldrums but that hasn't deterred a Chinese company which plans to invest US$ million in a new park. The missing part was some mass market leisure attractions that would create a theme park hub in the Middle East — an ‘Orlando ’ if you like.

Theme park industry on the gold

This year, that dream will become a reality. This report has been developed to provide an overview of the Gold Coast theme park industry as it exists today.

It does not attempt, however, to incorporate any aspects of the proposed IMETT theme park. Page 6 of 28 IMETT SEQ Theme Park Report

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