The problems of censorship

This indicates a lack of faith in the regulatory procedure, and an unwillingness publicly to defend decisions or the merits of specific works. However, this appears to happen on an ad hoc and rather obscure basis, leaving few avenues of appeal for censored artists, who may not be permitted to know the source of the prohibition against them or their work. The scope for interference both direct and indirect in the creation and public presentation of a work is therefore wide. As with the point above, the results are inconsistent, with sometimes contradictory information being given out by different government agencies, and decisions by one being reversed by another without explanation.

The problems of censorship

The problems of censorship

Problems with censorship II Kings This censored Holy Bible verse raises the question. Unfortunately, or fortunately, depending on your views of censorship one only needs to look up this verse in the King James Bible in II Kings Children can find this in their Sunday school churches; decent human beings can read this at any public library.

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If you wish to find the answer, I give you fair warning: How dare hide the sacred penis of Jesus! How dare cover the Holy nipples of the Virgin Mary.

Does the original painting depict Jesus with an erect penis? Do the angels represent divine pornographic voyeurs, or have you simply imprinted your own sick imagination onto the censor's intent?

By the way, did Fouquet intend to expose the Virgin's breast for a suckling? If so, how could a virgin produce milk? If not for breast feeding then what else? Surely the Virgin did not expose herself for incestuous feelings? No doubt this would explain an erect penis, but only the viewing of the original painting in all its naked glory will reveal the answer.

InAttorney General John Ashcroft objected to photographers taking pictures of him in front two statues, one of which has an exposed aluminum breast the female statue goes by the name, Spirit of Justice and also colloquially referred to as Minnie Lou in the Justice Department building's Great Hall.

He ordered to have the statues covered with draperies although he now denies he made the order, he would have had to approve the order. Actually I prefer looking at aluminum breasts rather than Ashcroft's ugly mug, don't you?

What got achieved in all this commotion? It made Ashcroft look like a prude, a throwback to the Victorian age, and it censored a very respectable piece of mediocre art. I hope the reader might begin to understand that censorship corrupts the very message that censors wish to expurgate.

This applies to religion as well it does to any form of language or art regardless of how obscene or benign it may appear. The restriction and withholding of any form of communication produces the very 'obscenity' and desire which people will use in retaliation.

I suggest that those who call for censorship to others might receive their same moral standards applied to their 'sacred' texts and documents.The Problems of Censorship What is Censorship?

Censorship is the suppression of free speech, public communication or other information which may be considered objectionable, harmful, sensitive, politically incorrect or inconvenient as determined by governments, . Censorship of differing opinions allows society to blindly follow the current popular opinion until it's overtaken by a new one.

The Problem of Censorship

So the problem with censorship today is the way we use it. We are using it to get our way, rather than protecting us from harm. The Problem of Censorship Posted by Vitalik Buterin on June 6, One of the interesting problems in designing effective blockchain technologies is, how can we ensure that the systems remain censorship-proof?

5 Current issues of ‘Internet censorship’: bullying, discrimination, harassment and freedom of expression 6 Some regulatory challenges 7 Are current regulatory responses sufficient and appropriate? Problems of Censorship • Lack of clarity and transparency about rules and processes Timelines, guidelines and other information are not always readily available; where they are, wording can be vague, and decision-making processes obscure.

VIRGIN AND CHILD, by Jean Fouquet (). The copy of this beautiful painting bears the mark of censorship. How dare hide the sacred penis of Jesus! How .

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