The mind of dracula essay

I was eighteen years old the first time a man kissed me. The first time a man held me in his arms I shook uncontrollably, my entire body collapsing in upon itself.

The mind of dracula essay

America is very much linked to Japan. Since the Second World War these two countries are at the same time a model, a foe, a friend to each other. When we talk about the manga we often compare them to the comics.

Although Japan has its own superheroes such as Godzilla as the supervillain, Astroboy, Akira, etc. We cannot think about Superheroes without considering their original source: Whilst we find superheroes in most countries, in most cultures and although American superheroes are the most famous with the term itself coming from the USAthere are also a lot of superheroes The mind of dracula essay be found in Japan.

Throughout this article I will focus on Japanese superheroes depicted in two Japanese media: The links between the USA and Japan are undeniable. Since the end of WWII, these two countries have been simultaneously a model, a foe, and a friend to each other. When we think about manga we often draw comparisons to US comics and, although Japan has its own Superheroes such as Godzilla as the super villain, Astroboy, Akira, etc.

For example an early Japanese TV serial adaptation of Spiderman was created in the 50s. Other examples of this exist, particularly in the work of Masakazu Katsura, a famous mangaka manga writer who was influenced by an even more famous US Superhero: It is also important to consider manga within its historical context, for its origins explain the content, the form, and the art of drawing that make this medium so distinctive.

In this article I will define the superhero, analyse its origins and look at how Japanese superheroes are influenced by American superheroes. I will explain the links between Japanese culture and American culture and demonstrate how these links largely originate from s post war culture.

What is a Superhero? We often talk about superheroes but we do not define the term and often confuse the hero with the superhero. The hero is the one we want to imitate.


His powers can be physical, psychological; they can be natural, supernatural or technological; they can have terrestrial origins, extra-terrestrial origins or even divine origins! He can be considered as an enemy, similar to characters like the Hulk, or the X-Men, who pose a threat to the human mind hence their staying hidden in Pr.

Some superheroes do things because they want to fight for Justice like Supermanothers fight because they are angry Hulkand others because they want revenge Batman.

Or some have a mixture of motivations: Winckler also notes that superheroes are not static characters. We see them evolve, becoming stronger and stronger heroes.

The mind of dracula essay

But they all have weaknesses for example kryptonite for Superman. A superhero has a friend, family or ally: Lastly, Winckler remarks that a superhero always has a foe, a super villain: What about Japanese Superheroes? They can be human, robots or monsters, male or female.

They can come from outer-space or they can be created through technological experiments, just like the US superheroes. The superhero can be a machine Astroboy created by Osamu Tezuka or Major Kusanagi in Ghost in the Shell, directed by Mamoru Oshii, but they think like humans, they have human feelings.

Or the human can go inside a machine in order to pilot it like a car, or a tank.Thought Of The Day.

The mind of dracula essay

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As a vampire, Dracula inverts one of the principal Catholic sacraments: holy Communion. Whereas Catholics believe that they are granted spiritual life by drinking the symbolic blood of Christ, Dracula prolongs and revitalizes his physical life .

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