The ice cream industry of bangladesh

The treat is a favorite around the nation, but is particularly appealing in the Southern states when the sun is blasting and the municipal pools are open. Starting an ice cream business can be extremely lucrative, as long as you have researched other ice cream businesses in your area and developed a detailed business plan. Decide whether to invest in a successful or up-and-coming franchise or start your own independent ice cream shop.

The ice cream industry of bangladesh

I waited for a long time to write this article. There are lots of business ideas are available in Bangladesh. Ultimately, I tried to find out the most profitable, easy and successful businesses for you to start as a beginner in Bangladesh in this Small Scale Business Ideas List in Bangladesh for At the present time, Bangladesh is passing to her best time to start a new small business.

Bangladeshi young entrepreneurs are highly interested to start a small business rather than jobs. This is the obviously great initiative for Bangladesh economic.

The ice cream industry of bangladesh

Bangladesh garments industry, poultry industry, tea industry, leather industry, sea fish industry and recent time online businesses are most profitable businesses in Bangladesh. Location is very important for this business.

A busy residential area is a perfect place to start. You can hire one or two employees to help you in this business. The minimum investment is 10 Lack BDT. Fashion House At the present time, fashion house business is a very suitable business in Bangladesh.

Before starting fashion house business you should do some plan. A perfect business plan is required to start this profitable business in Bangladesh. Like super shop business, the minimum investment is 10 Lack BDT.

Location is the key for this business. You can also run online shop too. You have to study before the start. The products are very sensitive. Near hospital, a largely residential area is the perfect location to start this business. It is very profitable small business ideas Bangladesh Based. The most of the toys are coming from China.

You have to buy them in wholesale from Dhaka and Chittagong where the price is reasonable. Before starting toy shop in Bangladesh, you have to analysis the market. One thing you have to keep in mind that toys are not for all class of people. So you have to make a perfect business plan for the toy shop.

Again, location is key. It is a local business idea but very profitable. A stationary shop is the best option while your investment is low. Besides school, college, the university is the perfect location to start.

This is the one of my most favorite business idea in this list. The most of the young entrepreneurs in Bangladesh are interested in this profitable business.

Especially, in the big cities like Dhaka, Chittagong is the place where you can start fast food shop business.our intention to build a strong player in the ice cream industry by setting up a joint venture with R&R Ice Cream, a leading European ice cream company.

This and other developments were examined during the Board of Directors’ annual strategy Paul Bulcke. Annual Review in the –. Ice Cream Parlours for sale Ready to buy an Ice Cream Parlour? Browse our buying a business resources giving you the latest in tips, news and advice to buying a buisness or read the 10 Steps to buying a business taking you through every step of buying a business from identifying your industry to completing the deal.

quality of ice cream from four companies (Igloo, Kwality, Polar and Baby) sold in Sylhet city, Bangladesh. Total solids (TS), Fat, Protein, Ash, and Acidity content, total viable count and.

The Largest Brand in Ice-cream industry with more than million Liters of capacity is offering to sell supreme quality extruded ice-cream made from imported danish ingredients of all size, flavor and color. ice cream makers and the rest of the 15% are the non-branded producers.

Major players in the market: The major players in the industry that make up the 70% of the total market are:3/5(2). Fun Holiday – Ice Cream Day. Cool down with a scoop (or two) of refreshing ice cream on Ice Cream Day. Celebrated annually since on the third Sunday of July in the United States, the unofficial holiday celebrates everyone’s favorite sweet treat..

Celebrate Ice Cream Day by enjoying a scoop (or two) of your favorite flavor of ice cream.

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