The glass castle chapter notes

Chapter 1 - He finds a damsel in distress, in a casino lobby of all places.

The glass castle chapter notes

Gazing out the window, she catches sight of her mother, Rose Mary Walls, rifling through a dumpster for something to eat. Jeannette will continue to be fascinated by fire—especially after Dad explains to her its relationship to the balance between order and turbulence in the laws of physics.

Dad is brilliant in math and physics and possesses a sharp engineering acumen, but he prefers to stick to odd jobs rather than submit to the rules of a manager. Mom, in turn, is curious and open-minded, though often considers her children a distraction from her artistic interests.

The family never spends more than a few months in one place before Dad announces, usually in the middle of the night, that the family is leaving. The kids—Lori, the oldest, Jeannette, and Brian Maureen is born later can only take a few possessions.

Mom and Dad are often on the run from bill collectors, and hold some wild conspiracy theories about government corruption. They prefer to live in the most isolated towns in the desert of the American Southwest. Dad makes money playing poker, too, though it never lasts long.

While Jeannette is young, she enjoys this lifestyle: Dad regales the kids with stories of his adventures in the Air Force and wrestling enemies around multiple states. Things begin to change once the family settles in Battle Mountain, Nevada for almost a year.

And Dad spends more and more time out of the house, either at the Owl Club, a bar, or at the Green Lantern, which Jeannette will only later learn is a whorehouse. In order to eat, the kids increasingly have to resort to measures like looking for cans and bottles to sell.

Dad spends more and more time drinking outside the house, and is almost never home. Their house on Little Hobart Street is dank, rotting, and literally falling apart.

It lacks electricity or running water.


After Lori comes back from a government-sponsored summer camp, she and Jeannette realize that they can escape Welch and their dysfunctional family. They begin an escape fund for Lori to move to New York City and start art school, continuing even after Dad steals the money for drinking and gambling.

After Lori graduates from high school, she moves and works in a German restaurant in New York while she saves up for school. Jeannette, meanwhile, has discovered a passion for journalism by working on the school newspaper. After eleventh grade, she joins Lori in New York.

She gets an internship and then a job at a newspaper and ends up enrolling in Barnard College, while she and Lori convince Brian to move to New York, and finally bring Maureen as well. Mom and Dad refuse to really accept that their kids have abandoned them.

Jeannette graduates from Barnard, gets a job at a magazine, and moves in with her rich boyfriend Eric on Park Avenue. Meanwhile, her own parents are thrilled to have found a tenement where they can squat on the Lower East Side.

It takes time, but Jeannette slowly comes to understand that home can mean different things for different people. Mom is, by this time, still in the tenement, but the city is about to sell the plots to the squatters for a dollar each.

Cite This Page Choose citation style: Retrieved September 16, The Glass Castle details the story of Jeannette Walls and her family. Constantly short on cash and food, the family moves around the country frequently and tries to re-settle. Though the family is dysfunctional, the memoir communicates itself without condemning either of the Walls parents.


The glass castle chapter notes

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The glass castle chapter notes

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