Swot analysis vitamin water

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Swot analysis vitamin water

Does it really matter if someone is saved from dying of heart disease, only to die of something else? By primary prevention trials, I mean trials in people who, whilst they may have risk factors for heart disease, have not been found to have any clinical signs, or symptoms related to heart disease.

Secondary prevention trials are different. These are done on people who have already suffered a heart attack, or have angina, or some other clinical manifestation of CHD.

By a small, but significant, amount. However, that is not relevant to this discussion. Because, by definition, all children are in the primary prevention category. And this means that there is not one scrap of evidence to suggest that statins will do them any good.

The best you might manage is to shift their cause of death from heart disease to something else — usually cancer — about sixty years in the future.

How do I know this? Because the clinical trials tell me so. If we look at five major primary prevention trials: We can pull them apart to look at the figures. Or, get the data from the trials themselves. These five trials had, between them, over forty thousand patients enrolled.

Swot analysis vitamin water

Most of them lasted at least five years, and they have all been endlessly quoted in the medical literature. In short they are big, important and influential. Morality in those on statins was 6. A serious adverse event is something like developing cancer, or having a non-fatal MI, or a non-fatal stroke.

So, pretty damned serious. In fact, only two of trials reported this, as the majority of statins trials keep quiet about SAEs. Serious adverse events in the control population was This more than accounts for any difference in overall mortality.

I must point out that the difference is not large enough to discount the possibility that this was merely a chance finding. These figures do not get anywhere near statistical significance - the holy grail of clinical trials.

In addition to this, the 0.


Does this really represent powerful enough evidence to warrant starting a four-year-old child on statins, and keeping them on for the rest of their life? Especially not in the case of this Washington Post reporter.

For, in her article, she was using the example of a four-year-old girl. And what do the statin trials tell us about the benefits of statins in primary prevention in girls, or women?

According to The Therapeutics Initiative group: Only coronary events were reported for women, but when these were pooled they were not reduced by statin therapy. Thus the coronary benefit in primary prevention trials appears to be limited to men.SWOT ANALYSIS FOR THE INDUSTRY.

SWOT stands for Strengths Weakness Opportunities Threats. SWOT analysis is a technique much used in many general management as well as marketing scenarios.

Whether or not a raised blood pressure can cause plaques to form is a moot point. One can see that a high blood pressure may cause endothelial damage, but the evidence from blood pressure lowering trials shows zero impact on the rate of death from CHD So, I think the jury is out on this one.

Vitamin water contains many healthy ingredients, it is clearly a very healthy beverage because it only contains vitamins. the average bottle of vitamin water contains 50 to percent of people's daily vitamin intake.

Vitamin water is a healthy alternative to soda, because it contains roughly half the calories that any soda contains, and also it . Today, new beverage brands and flavors have been created by the company.

These include the G series for nutrient and fluid need replenishment to professional and collegiate athletes, energy bars & shakes as well as Propel Fitness Water that is vitamin-enhanced. “Because I could not stop for Death.” Dickinson, Emily.

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Complete Poems. Page is about brand analysis of gatorade including SWOT analysis, stp and competition.

Page is about brand analysis of gatorade including SWOT analysis, stp and competition. Vitamin water.

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3. Powerade. 4. Glucon-D. 5. Dabur Glucose D.

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