Ritual and magic potions

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Ritual and magic potions

For Protection Of The Home The energy behind the scenes of a material or physical object is changed by the interaction of people with it. Mostly this happens unconsciously, but proper magicians change the energy the material object carries deliberately and in order to create a generator of some kind; in this instance, we are talking about a guardian, an energy form which will help protect the home and keep away unwanted spirits and intruders whilst the owner sleeps soundly in their bed.

I always advise the regular practice of psychometry to beginner magicians as a first and most important of understanding how energy magic works; the ability to read the reality of the object beyond what it looks like on the Ritual and magic potions is of the essence for many things, not least to keep you from not getting cancer by bringing cursed and haunted objects into your home and life!

So I came across a shop that sold bric-a-brac the other day; things that had been owned by people and passed along until they ended up here, a higglety pigglety collection of random objects creating quite some energetic noise.

Through all of that, I could sense something strong and clear, something very lovely, and very powerful. I was intrigued and went to look for this magic object amidst the clutter, and found it right away.

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It was a very small statue of a little brown and white dog, pictured here sitting on a leaf. As is often the case with magical objects, it didn't look particularly impressive, and it wasn't valuable to those who don't know about such things at all, being a mass produced little porcelain figure, probably imported at some point from a factory in the Far East.

It is also "flawed" - you can see a dark patch of stray glaze on his front paw. In amidst all that mass of other objects, this little guardian was being knocked and pushed around. I picked him up and immediately got a sense of his original owner, a lady who had him for many years and who put such a lot of love into this little guardian.

I had a youngster with me and because the energy from the little statue was so clear and strong, I gave it to them to hold and asked them for their impressions. T he youngster was surprised to "see a lady dressed in blue" the moment they tuned in. T he lady must have had a measure of magical talent, and also a talent for loving, because I've rarely found an object quite as pure and delightful as this.

I don't know if he's meant for me, I have a feeling there might one day come someone who will be the perfect match, but that's another thing with these guardians.

They are what they are, and even though someone originally makes them, they have paths of their own - just as this little dog found me to keep it safe as much as it is protecting my house with its presence.

This made me think and wonder about heirlooms, and about how, if people were more familiar and used to making such energy objects, it would be possible for generations upon generations to put more and more energy into such things, and passing them on to each other.

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So next time, you are in a flea market or you spot a yard sale or a second hand shop, have a tune into the energy forms there, practice your psychometry and be on the lookout for a guardian. Make a note of the opposites of guardians, the cursed objects, the ones that bring disharmony and misery into any house they get inadvertently and unknowingly carried into.

Look out for templates too, objects and statues that are as yet nothing special, but that would lend themselves to becoming a guardian for you or for someone you love.

Ritual and magic potions

And of course, keep an eye on all the objects in your house. Some might need a little more loving to be all they could be; and never let anything be around you that isn't supportive and a bright spark that makes you happy and does good things for the energy of you, your loved ones and your house.Ritual Generator Want an offline version of this generator with editing, printing and saving?

Check out the Magic Generator Pack. Apr 04,  · A potion is a magic liquid that produces its effect when imbibed. In the D&D (PnP version), potions can duplicate the effect of a spell of up to 3rd level. I wrote this a long time ago as a guide for an Aura Reading Class I taught.

Colours can be. The Tools of Magic are in your supermarket’s aisles! Perfect for witches and all practitioners of natural and herbal magic, this easy-to-use guide explains how to whip up brews, powders, and oils using inexpensive items that can be conveniently purchased at your local grocery store.

A magic circle is a circle (or sphere, field) of space marked out by practitioners of many branches of ritual magic, which they generally believe will contain energy and form a sacred space, or will provide them a form of magical protection, or rutadeltambor.com may be marked physically, drawn in salt or chalk, for example, or merely visualised.

Its spiritual . For the potion flask version, see Attack rutadeltambor.com the barbarian mix, see Attack mix.

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