Rewrite all urls to index.php

When clicking on menu links, this seems to work in that I no longer see index. The address bar updates to what appears like the right URL, but the content shown is always that of the home page. I tried both in IE and Google Chrome with the same result. Refreshing the page after loaded made no difference.

Rewrite all urls to index.php

rewrite all urls to index.php

The regular expression matching of an URL Rewrite rule makes a rewrite rule rather expensive, resource wise. However, this httpRedirect should be a little bit more performing, even though it may not be really noticeable. Returns a status code, which tells the client to issue a new request to the location specified in the destination attribute.

rewrite all urls to index.php

Returns a status code, which informs the client that the location for the requested resource has permanently changed. Strangely enough, you need to set an exact destination for this: Are you using Apache as your web server software?

Depending on the particular situation, this solution might be preferred, and is easier to use than the aforementioned httpRedirect. You have to place the code in the system. If you receive a too many redirects in your browser, you may have to add your domain name as an input condition.

Redirections should be done with the redirects, unless they redirect to a different path, in which case they may be done with redirections. Basically, what this means is: Imagine you have www.

After setting up your SSL certificate, you have example. Here is a schematic redirect path:In one of my pet projects, I redirect all requests to, which then decides what to do with it: ###Simple Example.

This snippet in rutadeltambor.comss will ensure that all requests for files and folders that does not exists will be redirected to Basically, you are asking MOD_REWRITE to forward to the URI request always when a file exists AND always when the requested file doesn't exist!

Unable to remove in WAMP with Codeigniter URL. 0. htaccess redirect if is missing. 1. Redirect Rules with Similar to the ISAPI Rewrite Article we have written for rutadeltambor.comss users, we also have a list of common redirect and rewrite rules that will work for our users.

Filter: comments_rewrite_rules - Filters the rewrite rules generated for the latest comment feed URLs. Filter: author_rewrite_rules - Filters the rewrite rules generated for author archive URLs.

Implementing an ISAPI rewrite for IIS 6 -

Filter: rewrite_rules_array - Filters all the rewrite rules at once. Aug 08,  · I'm exhausted. I spent all day trying to fix a supposedly simple problem. i want to setup a typo3 instance on a sun java web server v7. I got around a lot of problems and things were sailing smoothly until i hit the mod_rewrite-wall.

at the beginning of this project I did some researching about the possibility of all this and just nodded off on the url rewrite support that sjsws has.

i need to. Creating canonical URLs for your site is an important part of good this quick post, we’ll look at rutadeltambor.comss techniques for removing and requiring the www prefix, and additionally we’ll see how to remove any appendage from all URIs..

To use any of these code snippets, add them to your site’s rutadeltambor.comss file (or add via server config).

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