Research papers on cell lines

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Research papers on cell lines

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This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Abstract Cell lines are often used in place of primary cells to study biological processes. However, care must be taken when interpreting the results as cell lines do not always accurately replicate the primary cells.

In this article, we will briefly talk about advantages and disadvantages of cell lines and then discuss results using the mouse Sertoli cell line, MSC-1, compared with primary mouse Sertoli cells.

Research papers on cell lines

MSC-1 cells resemble Sertoli cells morphologically and possess several biochemical markers associated with Sertoli cells. However, MSC-1 cells lack some of the immune privilege properties associated with primary Sertoli cells, including survival in animals with a fully functional immune system.

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Therefore, it has to be kept in mind that cell lines do not behave identically with primary cells and should not be used to replace primary cells. In order to strengthen the findings, key control experiments using primary cells should always be performed. They offer several advantages, such as they are cost effective, easy to use, provide an unlimited supply of material and bypass ethical concerns associated with the use of animal and human tissue.

Cell lines also provide a pure population of cells, which is valuable since it provides a consistent sample and reproducible results. Cell lines have revolutionized scientific research and are being used in vaccine production, testing drug metabolism and cytotoxicity, antibody production, study of gene function, generation of artificial tissues e.

However, despite being a powerful tool, one must be careful when using cell lines in place of primary cells. Cell lines should display and maintain functional features as close to primary cells as possible.

This may particularly be difficult to determine as often the functions of the primary cells are not entirely understood.

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Since cell lines are genetically manipulated this may alter their phenotype, native functions and their responsiveness to stimuli. Serial passage of cell lines can further cause genotypic and phenotypic variation over an extended period of time and genetic drift can also cause heterogeneity in cultures at a single point in time.

Therefore, cell lines may not adequately represent primary cells and may provide different results. The other major problems associated with cell lines are contamination with other cell lines and mycoplasma.

The bitter truth of cross-contamination of cell lines either inter or intraspecies was exposed by Walter Nelson-Rees in the early s. He showed that at that time point the majority of cell lines being used worldwide and distributed by cell banks were contaminated with HeLa cells.

HeLa cell contamination is well known to cause such problems.

Famous "HeLa" Human Cell Line Gets Its DNA Sequenced - Scientific American

Additionally, mycoplasma contamination can persist undetected in cell cultures for a long period of time and cause extensive alterations in gene expression and cell behavior. Herein we share our experience using an immortalized mouse Sertoli cell line MSC-1that was developed in by Peschon et al.

MSC-1 cells were similar to primary Sertoli cells morphologically and expressed many of the same genes as primary Sertoli cells. However, not all results using the MSC-1 cell line are consistent with results from primary Sertoli cells as illustrated by studies on immune privilege.

The testis is an immune-privileged site that results in protection of the auto-immunogenic germ cells when germ cells are removed from the testis and injected at a different site in the same animal, the cells are rejected.

Research papers on cell lines

The islets were rejected in Thus, MSC-1 cells may not mimic the survival and immune privilege properties of primary Sertoli cells but are useful as a control cell line to identify the key mechanisms or factors important for primary Sertoli cell immune privilege.

To identify genes and immune-related functional pathways that are differentially regulated in these cells gene expression profiles of primary mouse Sertoli cells and MSC-1 cells were compared by microarray and ontological analyses. Genes involved in immune functions were identified and differentially expressed.

This confirms that the MSC-1 cell line is substantially different from primary mouse Sertoli cells and reiterates the importance of being cautious when making conclusions based on the results from cell lines.I also did look for immortalised human microglia cell line (CHME3).

I had contacted at the time Professor M. Tardieu with the same story. Based on my H&S report to work on BV2 murine cell line. There are a number of papers warning about the pitfalls of cell lines, and I can attach some here, if you wish.

I think primary cell culture . HeLa (/ ˈ h iː l ɑː /; also Hela or hela) is an immortal cell line used in scientific research. It is the oldest and most commonly used human cell line.

The line was derived from cervical cancer cells taken on February 8, from Henrietta Lacks, a patient who died of cancer on October 4, The cell line was found to be remarkably durable and prolific which warrants its extensive use.

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