Reaction paper about the law abiding citizen movie

Crime The movie, Law Abiding Citizen, begins with a man and his daughter at a table working on individual products.

Reaction paper about the law abiding citizen movie

Unwilling to take a chance on lowering his high conviction rate, he makes a deal with Darby, letting him plead guilty to a lesser charge and receive a reduced sentence in return for testifying against Ames.

Ames is found guilty and is sentenced to death. Darby is released after a few years. Unknown to the prosecutors and the witnesses, the cardiotoxic drug usually used in executions has been replaced with ananticonvulsant, causing Ames to die an extremely painful death.

Evidence relating to tampering with the drug implicates Darby. An anonymous caller alerts Darby as the police draw near, and directs him to a remote location. Shelton, disguised as a cop, reveals himself as the caller and paralyzes Darby with puffer fish venom.

He straps Darby to a table and slowly dismembers him as revenge for murdering his wife and daughter, videorecording the gory proceedings. He initially refuses to bargain with Shelton in order to get a confession.

Reaction paper about the law abiding citizen movie

In court, Shelton represents himself. The judge jails Shelton for contempt of court. Cantrell arranges a meeting with a CIA contact and brings Rice.

They learn that Shelton has previously worked with the agency, creating devices to assassinate people in imaginative ways, such as a necktie that kept getting tighter when it was tied, thus strangling the victim. Further, they are warned that Shelton is capable of killing anyone he wishes.

During a meeting with Rice and Cantrell, the judge is killed when she answers her cell phone and it explodes.

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As Rice and Cantrell leave the funeral of Lowell, Cantrell is killed by a weaponized bomb disposal robot. Rice learns that Shelton owns an auto garage next to the prison. A tunnel from the garage leads to a cache of guns, disguises, and other equipment below the solitary confinement cells, and secret entrances to each cell.

He and Police Detective Dunnigan Colm Meaney realize Shelton wanted to be in solitary, allowing him to easily leave the prison without detection and commit the murders.

Rice and his men cannot find Shelton, but discover evidence pointing to a cell-phone-activated suitcase bomb in the room directly below the meeting. Shelton returns to his garage after planting the city hall bomb, then returns to his cell.

He is surprised to find Rice waiting for him.

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Rice berates Shelton for taking revenge because of the pain he suffered. Shelton suggests another deal, but Rice refuses this time, saying that he does not make deals with murderers anymore, and thanks Shelton for teaching him that. Rice and Dunnigan secure Shelton in the cell and leave.

Despite being pleased that Rice had finally learned his lesson, Shelton dials the cell phone on the city hall bomb.Law Abiding Citizen Reaction Paper - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

"Law Abiding Citizen" stands out for its ability to keep the viewers guessing, being a two-handed performance-driven thriller its characters are more involved than the typical protagonist-antagonist conflict which culminates after the climatic scene. Duterte's Inauguration Speech Reaction Paper.

Movie Reaction Paper.

Reaction paper about the law abiding citizen movie

SONA English for Acad _ Prof Purposes Final v4 April 28, Editorial. Law Abiding Citizen Reaction Paper. The Innovators: How a Group of Hackers, Geniuses, and Geeks Created the Digital Revolution/5(3).

Law Abiding Citizen is a action film. It’s main characters are portrayed by 2 of today’s most prominent stars Gerard Butler and Jamie Foxx. Set in in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, this movie tells the story of an honest working father and husband turned killer in search for revenge when his life is suddenly and drastically changed.

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Law Abiding Citizen Larriell Brumfield March 7, & Spring BAD Legal Environment of Business The Movie Law Abiding Citizen was released The director was F. Gary Gray and the actors were Jamie Foxx played Nick Rice his role was the lawyer, husband, father and friend.

One of the most disturbing things about a movie like *Law Abiding Citizen* is that it plugs right into the mindset of people like NRB, who clearly do not understand that not everyone accused of .

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