Project-based writing assignments

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Project-based writing assignments

In the implementation, mostly the learners still find some obstacles and difficulties depending on their prior linguistic knowledge, experiences, or psychological problems. It aimed to explore how the 15 students of art and design tertiary school conducted the English writing process through project-based approach about Indonesian Textile Kriya and fashion collaboratively and individually.

This approach was applied to integrate English as the foreign language and the road map along with the curriculum of Textile Kriya and Fashion study program which encourages the students to conduct textile research and design.

Regarding this, triangulation technique was used for the validation.

project-based writing assignments

Findings stated there were some technical and non-technical problems the students had in the writing process. In this era of Information and Communication Technology ICTmany writing media are available to develop the quality life of humankinds, starting from printed media to the sophisticated ones such as on-line media which discovers numerous fields and supports our purposes in the social life, for instance in applying for works, maintaining relationship, negotiating, academic writing, describing products or fashion and other purposes.

project-based writing assignments

To answer this challenge, teaching writing is required in all education levels. However, it faces some obstacles; at least there are three factors Bryne, In writing activity, mostly the learners must work individually which is uneasy for the beginners since they must use their own limited linguistics knowledge and cognitive development without intensive guidance.

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Furthermore, a research conducted by Alwasilah inconcluded that writing was considered as the most difficult skill to be acquired by students and to teach by teachers. Unfortunately, after more than a decade, this condition slightly changes.

Indeed many factors causing this lack of interest, and one of them is the improper writing teaching and learning process in most of schools or even universities. Gebhar described that quite often teachers or lecturers gave a composition assignment and they immediately focused on vocabulary and grammar.

For college students in particular, those writing components had been obtained in their previous education levels. It is undoubtedly just a repetition which cannot contribute maximum writing benefit for them.

In fact, as a facilitator and guide, a teacher should escort the students to the comprehensive writing ability which provides skills for planning content, drafting, revising and editing.


In this qualitative research, to gain a better insight how the students conduct all the process, find and solve the difficulties in writing process, the teacher who also acts as the researcher needs to provide a learning approach based on process and product-oriented. Furthermore, the institution where this research was carried out urges the students to be creativepreneurs creative entrepreneur in creative industry based on ICT and Indonesian culture.

Project-based learning PBL is a student-centred instructional approach used to promote active and deep learning by involving students in investigating real-world issues in a collaborative environment Yam and Rosini, At first, it was dedicated to the early childhood or elementary education in order to promote not only knowledge and skills, but also emotional, moral and aesthetic sensibilities.

This research provided this context, in which English writing skills was integrated with Indonesian Kriya and Fashion theme that was carried out by the students of Textile Kriya and Fashion collaboratively, through the project approach.

The project outcome was a fashion research book illustrating some Indonesian kriya and followed by their design projects.2.

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