One nation under god essay

Today, America is presented with the task of confronting an increasingly negative shift in perceptions of Black men. In NovemberI lost my only son, Jordan, due to the inability of a man with a gun to see the value of a child of God only because of the color of his skin. And yet, many of those that we live among daily harbor the same loathing, mistrust and fear of Black men.

One nation under god essay

Argument to remove Under God from the pledge of aleigance, i wrote this for my school paper, please read and give me your oppinion, both on quality and beliefs. This sentence signifies our beliefs, our values.

It is the creed that we will hold true to, the one thing that binds all Americans in the vast diversity, the pledge to our flag, the pledge to our nation. It was created in hopes of creating something that every man, woman and child of the nation could say in unison, something that no citizen One nation under god essay contest.

Originally, there was no reason to contest to it. It was everything the great union was founded upon. It called on the flag as a unifying symbol, the banner to stand under. It told of the everlasting unity that had been proven through the turmoil of the Civil War, and expressed the freedom and equality of all who stood on its grounds.

The words acknowledging God were added to the pledge later, many years after it had been introduced to the union. The addition was made during the cold war, because our adversary refused to give its people freedom of religion.

The Soviet Union was looked upon as a godless nation, so the United States had to show itself to be the antithesis of everything in the USSR Thus, we hastily added "under God," to our pledge. From a strictly legal viewpoint - forgetting anything your conscience or Christian upbringing may tell you - you must remember how the Supreme Court interpreted the first amendment to the constitution, specifically "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.

Vitale to mean that prayer of any kind could not be recited in a public school regardless of its lack of favor toward any particular religion.

The court decided that the reference to a god One nation under god essay a state religion and was in violation of the rights granted by the first amendment. One can look to the pledge itself and find that God has no place in the pledge.

The section that swears "liberty and justice for all" is an oath that although the majority rules, the minority will not be neglected.

It is the promise to ensure that no one will be forgotten and that nearly anyone within reason can find safety in this country.

If God is allowed to remain in the pledge, then this can never be true, for it would make those who do not believe in a god seem like lower-class citizens.

One nation under god essay

It is absurd to think that the acknowledgement of a supreme being civilizes a person or makes them think more about their actions. The people who choose to not believe in a god should not be made to feel as a second-class citizen.

That goes against everything that this country has stood for over the nearly years of its existence. Let's go even further than the Constitution, back another years or so, to when the colonies were first placed on this new land.

The first colonists were renegades who had strayed from the normal religious path and chose to worship in a different manner. It wasn't a completely different religion, just a different spin on the same faith.

This problem is arising today with the way our system has been established. The system is based on values that can be found in the Constitution, but somewhere along the line, the ideology has become warped. The idea behind the first amendment was not for the government to acknowledge all religions equally, as many people today have seem to believe.

It was to disassociate government and religion altogether. Our government was to be completely rational and unbound by the complexities of strict, outdated mythological rules created centuries prior to protect people from a world they could not understand.

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Should the case be decided in favor of leaving God in the pledge, then the case's precedent could be used to overturn the rulings on prayer in the classroom, or even to possibly go so far as to create and establish a state-organized religious group with a loose binding and an intermingling of many faiths.

While this may seem like a good thing, it could only turn out poorly. The more the government bases itself on religion, the less we become a free nation and the more we become like the governments we have helped to overthrow. On the international front, countries that incorporated religion into their governments for centuries have changed and become countries based on beliefs of law not legend.

No one can argue the fact that governments that base their laws on religious beliefs end up becoming overbearing and ever- present as "Big Brother" watching over their citizens to ensure that moral obligations to God are fulfilled.

This would end our world of freedom and begin another era of mistakes and errors led by the fury found in the infallible and often misinterpreted Bible. While it may be an exaggeration, the Taliban is an example of the to which a religiously oriented government can go.

One must look carefully at this subject before deciding which side to choose. The decision of this case will stay with this country for decades. It will not merely blow away in the wind. Our children will study it in American history; they will learn about the monumental decision that sevem appointed officials decided, and the reaction of the people of the time.

It is important to formulate a well-grounded opinion on the topic, only because if the Supreme Court, the protectors of the Constitution, fail to accept that the practice is unconstitutional, we must force an amendment by the elected officials in Congress to uphold the spirit of the original founding fathers.

There is simply no reason for its presence in the pledge. It is unnecessary and cruel to those who do not share the belief of a god, and certainly in no way should it have made its way into the oath.One Nation Under Me God T shirt cool jesus religion christian teen cotton tee.

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$ or Best Offer +$ shipping. SPONSORED. The phrase " one nation under God", unmistaleably suggest that " God's law" sometimes called " natural Law" or " divine law", is the supreme law of the united states citizens who have read the pledge rote for years are lead to believe that the United states is one nation under a god.

The insertion of the phrase “under God” is a direct violation of the establishment clause, encroaches on freedom of speech, and contradicts the basic principles of our nation’s founding.

Our constitution specifically states that the government may not endorse any religious opinions. stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all," I am promising to be courageous. I am promising to have the courage to be loyal to my country and the.

One Nation Under God One Nation Under God The United States of America is a country founded on religious principles and freedoms. Protestants escaping religious persecution in England came to the new world and planted the seeds of what would grow into a world superpower.

God’s Nation The United States of America has long been known as a pious country with references to God in phrases such as “In God We Trust” and “One nation under God.” Many evangelicals consider these clichйs to be affirmations that the United States was founded on Christian ideals.

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