My pet squirrel essay help

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My pet squirrel essay help

September 19, I Can Has Cheezburger A library can operate without a cat, but a library with a cat is special. They draw new patrons to the library, they make people smile, calm the staff, and they keep mice away.

Some also work to promote literacy, library use, and pet adoption. And curling up with a cat and a good book is a pleasant way to spend time at the local library. He was found at the nearby depot and adopted by the library staff. Since Ernie is a polydactyl catthe literary name he earned is Ernest P.

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Hemingway, after the author who was fond of polydactyl cats. There are no longer any mice at the library, and Stacks spends her time near the computers, waiting for a lap to sit on.

See more pictures of Stacks on her library page. Elsie Elsie is the reigning cat at St.

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She describes her duties on her Facebook page. It was a match made in heaven! Her name has two explanations: Watch Elsie debunk superstitions in this video. And plenty of pictures!

Trixie Trixie came to be the resident cat at the Independence Public Library in Independence, Kansas, five years ago today! The library even has a cat image in their logo now.

Pages has her own blog called Posts from the Pawwhich is updated infrequently but enthusiastically. There, she tells the story of how she was a tired young stray taken in by the library in Other posts tell of library happenings, but there is an occasional personal post, like the time her tail was stepped on.

She also models for library literacy campaigns like the poster you see here. There are also postcards of Miko available at the library.

my pet squirrel essay help

Known only as Library Cathe has taken to Facebook to post his thoughts on life in general and grace us all with his opinions and day-to-day activities. Although he relates his tales in the third person, we can tell who is telling the story by his inner thoughts.

When Library Cat dreamt, he often found himself sifting between a multitude of multicoloured thoughts, relating to the reader-response theory, the Large Hadron Collider and George Orwell.

But this afternoon was different. In his dream, he was in a strange blue room filled with many many turgid mice, each staring at him with such devotion that Library Cat got the feeling that their consumption by himself might even be taken as some sort of high honour.

They reminded him slightly off the hideous Camus-esque robotic mice he had spied on that ill-fated pilgrimage to the Hugh Robson Essay Bunker. Eight months later, Villani got a call from an animal hospital saying they had Rosie!

my pet squirrel essay help

Where had she been all that time? Rosie was r eunited with her familyand it appears that she has adjusted well to moving back to the fish business after her stint as a librarian.Another great essay.

I enjoy your writing so much Mr.

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