Irihapeti ramsden thesis

Short abstract Nurse who campaigned for the specific healthcare needs of indigenous peoples to be addressed Irihapeti Ramsden is perhaps best known in Aotearoa New Zealand and internationally for the development of cultural safety—an educational framework for the analysis of power relationships between health professionals and those they serve. She consistently argued for the need to address the ongoing impact of historical, social, and political processes on Maori health disparities. Figure 1 Open in a separate window Cultural safety has been part of the New Zealand nursing and midwifery curriculum since see p

Irihapeti ramsden thesis

Standing at the top of the urupa, the harbour can be viewed in all its colours as the setting sun creates a canvass of contrasting light across the water and into the valleys.

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The clay, flowers and flax weavings lay scattered across the grass like a rich quilt celebrating a life lived to the full. The memories of an earlier journey with Irihapeti, to this place Koukourarata Port Levyflooded back in the balmy warmth of the late afternoon sun.

For the next terrifying 20kms we lurched our way on a winding cliff face, it was a steep, narrow, shingle road over the top and down into this beautiful harbour. As I struggled to keep my Mazda on the road, Irihapeti laughed completely oblivious to this near-death experience as she continued to give me a running commentary on the history of her people and this place.

We had been working together since the late s creating and delivering our unique Treaty of Waitangi programme in a parallel workshop process. She also monitored parallel workshops delivered for Pakeha, checked our handouts and constantly challenged our colonial conditioning and assumptions.

She was a sharp thinker and a brilliant teacher. She could charm and challenge, sometimes in the same sentence and always with the same focus. The leveling influence of a mischievous sense of humour prevented her from ever becoming bitter - despite the provocation.

Irihapeti ramsden thesis

She endured ridicule, the lot of all prophetic people, in her struggle to develop her lasting legacy of Cultural Safety. Like many indigenous people some of the criticism attracted the added sting of racism.

We who admired and loved her, valued her extraordinary gifts. Her writing output was significant and scholarly.

On any topic, particularly if connected to the challenges facing indigenous people, she had a depth of knowledge and an exceptional mind.

Her anger about the plight and place of indigenous people was never far below the surface. Those who worked and lived with her were aware of the fragility of her own health. The asthma was ever present and later the cancer. Her determination to stay alive to meet her grandchild Billie, finish her doctorate on Cultural Safety and collect her NZOM displayed a rare courage that was an inspiration to her family and colleagues.

In her Poroporoaki to Irihapeti, the Honorable Tariana Turia highlighted her astute mind, vibrant personality and her warm and gentle smile. In reminding us of her legacy, historian and friend Michael King summed up the feelings of those who knew Irihapeti at her tangi on 8 April For most of us who knew her, it is as if a powerful light has gone out:Irihapeti´s thesis: Cultural Safety and Nursing Education in Aotearoa and Te Waipounamu can be found online at Massey University An excellent short profile of her earlier life An Existence in History written by Irihapeti can be found in a book of essays entitled Growing up Māori Edited by Witi Ihimaera.

Unfortunately that is not the case in New Zealand (ECOSOC United Nations Economic and Social Council, ; Ramsden, Ramsden,, Wepa, Wepa,, ) and consequently, at all times, psychologists must be alert to that which undermines their efforts to develop cultural competence so they can resist effectively.

Irihapeti Merenia Ramsden A thesis submitted to the Victoria University of Wellington in fulfilment of the requirements for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Victoria University of Wellington Abstract The research on which this thesis is based involves both a private narrative and a public.

*This phrase has been taken from an article by Linda Smith, infra note In the writer's view, it encapsulates the position of Maori women in a colonised Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Irihapeti ramsden thesis

Irihapeti Ramsden’s journey to put Cultural Safety out there in mainstream academia began with a powerful reflective inner healing journey. Her life and work was a remarkable gift to all.

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The title of this paper derives from Section Three of her PhD thesis. Irihapeti Ramsden is widely acknowledged as the pioneer of cultural safety in healthcare both In her Doctoral thesis titled “Cultural Safety and Nursing Education in Aotearoa and Te Waipounamu” Ramsden stated that“in the future it must be the patient who makes the final statement about the quality of care which they receive.


Irihapeti ramsden thesis