How to write a recommendation letter for a colleague and a friend

Pediatric Surgery Residency Tips on How to Write Letter of Recommendation for Residency For those who are wondering how to write residency letter of recommendation, here are a few tips to keep in mind: Know who the person is. If you are writing a letter of recommendation for a student or colleague, it is important that you know them well as well as their work ethics and achievements for that matter. Write a good introduction.

How to write a recommendation letter for a colleague and a friend

How can you fit all of her great qualities onto one tiny page?

3 Steps for Writing a Glowing Letter of Recommendation

Pause and take a breath. Do Your Background Research Letters of recommendation can be requested for a whole slew of reasons— a job applicationaward nomination, acceptance into a school or board, and more.

how to write a recommendation letter for a colleague and a friend

Find out why the recommendee is asking you for a letter and what her readers are going to be looking for in it. Before you start writing, be sure to ask the following: Who should the letter be addressed to and what can you tell me about this person?

Why did you think of me for this letter? Follow the Formula Letters of recommendation should address three things: Explain Your Relationship First, explain the nature of your work with the candidate, toward the beginning of the letter.

How to Write a Letter of Recommendation

This can be a simple statement detailing when you worked with her, for how long, and in what capacity. For example, if you know the position she is applying for is in managementyou may want to focus on how well she worked within your team and her natural ability to be a great leader. If the position she is applying for is more of a technical position, or maybe a writing position, focus on her ability to juggle several projects at one time while delivering results.

If you say she is able to develop and implement sophisticated marketing strategy, point to things like the total marketing budget she managed and the percentage increase the sales team saw during her tenure.

Recommendation Letter for Coworker

Any numbers or stats you can reference will help paint a strong picture of what, exactly, she achieved. This can also be a way to assuage any concerns a hiring manager might have. If possible, use a story or anecdote to demonstrate one of the above areas. Put in the Final Touches Now the logistics: First, the person collecting and reading letters of recommendation is likely busy and has plenty of other pages to read through.

how to write a recommendation letter for a colleague and a friend

In order to make the most impact, quickly, keep your letter short no more than one page and to the point. In terms of tone, you want to be formal and professional, but also enthusiastic.

You and your colleague should be good to go!Recommendation Letter for a Friend example, format for writing Recommendation Letter for a Friend and it procedure. May 06,  · You know exactly what's coming next—she wants you to write a letter of recommendation for her.

Of course, you're flattered that she'd approach you with the task. But, on the other hand, you have. What You Say If You Want To Write A Letter (or email) Of Recommendation by Gene Griessman, Ph.D. The easy recommendation message is for someone whom you believe to . Recommendation letters, as I’m sure you know, are used by potential employers to ensure that they are indeed hiring the best candidate, and if you are asked to write a recommendation letter for a coworker that’s probably because your opinion is valued and your contribution will make an impact on your coworker’s success.

Sep 24,  · Write a letter for your friend to attach to his application and suggest he mention your name and recommendation in his cover letter. In a small company, talk to the boss personally to say you'd like to make a recommendation via a personal introduction.

Think carefully about saying yes: Make sure you only agree to write the letter if you can write a positive recommendation. If you don’t think you can tell the person you are not comfortable writing the recommendation.

Here’s how to turn down a recommendation request.

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