Home depot vs lowes analysis

Building Brand Image December 5, Posted by Matt 31 Retailers are constantly concerned with their brand image, and for good reason. The way that you portray yourself to consumers will very likely determine the type of people that decide to associate themselves with your brand, and shape the consumers that you target. It has been said that the highest purpose in selling something is to help your customers become who they want to be. I like to look at the two leading companies in the home improvement industry when thinking of branding.

Home depot vs lowes analysis

Best Place to Buy Appliances Online Appliance Deals Study Methodology These are the four main factors we considered in assessing the best retail store to buy appliances: There's a plethora of appliance manufacturers — General Electric, Frigidaire, Viking, Samsung, LG, Whirlpool, Amana, to name a few — each with their own vast selection and subcategories.

For example, you need a refrigerator. What kind of doors? Top freezer or bottom? You may think you know the answer, but you may change your mind when you see these appliances in person and realize there are some options you may have not considered.

Especially for major appliances, the knowledge and personality of the salespeople can either make or break your purchase. You want someone who readily available to assist you with questions, rather than having to chase one down or wait eons for one to become free.

Some of us are driven mostly by our budget. The stores we reviewed will price match, so the savvy consumer should be able to negotiate the best price from whichever retailer they end up making their purchase.

Delivery and installation are often forgotten factors when purchasing an appliance. Even if you own or rent a truck, most likely you will need an experienced technician to install it. So delivery and installation can be costs that really add up. The good news is, of these three retailers, all of them offer free delivery — though installation costs can vary and minimum purchase requirements may apply.

It has an inviting atmosphere and a large selection of appliances that are easy to locate and are readily available for hands-on testing and comparison.

Home depot vs lowes analysis

Why We Like Lowe's Lowe's has a less "warehouse-y" feel than Home Depot and is more user-friendly and welcoming to both men and women, making it less daunting to the average shopper. The in-store appliance selection is very large, allowing you to make hands-on comparisons.

The Downsides Many people have the same idea as you, and want to purchase their appliances from Lowe's.

The Best Home Improvement Stock: Home Depot vs Lowe’s

If you go on a weekend, it might be hard to find a salesperson to assist you, and it might take a while to get "alone time" with a popular appliance.

Before you buy a new appliance, visit CreditDonkey for up-to-date coupons for Lowe's. Yes, you can buy appliances online and still save money. You might be surprised at the overall savings.

HD Market Cap data by YCharts. While Home Depot sells about 47% more "stuff" than its smaller competitor - its market cap is more than double that of Lowe's. Return on equity analysis. I went back to school late in life after having achieved a successful career in Engineering which saw my advancement to the level of Chief Engineer. Home Depot and Lowe's are the top two home-improvement stores in the U.S. Home Depot has stores in North America, while Lowe's has about locations, though the stores sell most of the same products, Lowe's stores typically have a few more square feet of space than Home Depot stores.

For home improvement and building materials, it's become a part of the vernacular. But, in reality, Home Depot is a great place to shop for such items for the most online selection and cost-effective advantage. But in a recent Barron's article by Avi Salzman about the rebounding housing market, the chain appears to be on the verge of becoming a major player in the appliance arena:The Home Depot SWOT analysis Waleed Bamousa.

Abstract: This SWOT analysis discusses the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats related • Approximately 60% of the market share of United States was captured by Home Depot and Lowe in the year The biggest s playerin the market of home improvement are Home Depot and Lowe.

Sep 13,  · Lowes and Wolseley Plc are two of their biggest competitors.

Better Buy: Home Depot vs. Lowe's

Home Depot Strengths Being the largest home improvement retailer in the world Increased efficiency in the supply chain Brands offer exclusivity and increase customer footfall SWOT Opportunities Growing Chinese home.

The operating margin was % for Home Depot, vs % for Lowes, with dividend yield of % vs 2%. However Lowe's has some upsides, in terms of fundamentals.

Home Depot's stock is valued at 21 times expected earnings.

HD Key Stats

HD: The Home Depot, Inc. industry comparisons. Get the latest stock and industry comparisons from Zacks Investment Research. The Home Depot’s Home Services team has a 7-step process to handle every part of your remodel: Step 1: We’ll start with a site analysis to understand your unique space.

Step 2: You’ll work with one of our kitchen designers to create your design and select products.4/5(K). Lowe’s, unfortunately, has not proven itself to be as consistent as Home Depot over the years.

Home depot vs lowes analysis

From fiscal to , net margins for Lowe’s have actually decreased, going from % to %.

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