Half asian essay

Are Russian Jews Descended from the Khazars?

Half asian essay

The law, lawyers, and the court. March 11 The university has used socioeconomic factors to boost diversity over the past 18 years without affirmative action. InCalifornia voters passed Propositionthe hot-button referendum that barred the consideration of race in public university admissions.

At the Half asian essay supporters, led by businessman Ward Connerly, argued that racial preferences were wrong and that individuals should be judged without regard to skin color. Critics responded that society is not colorblind, and barring universities from considering race would lead to a decline in African-American and Latino representation at elite campuses such as UC—Berkeley and UCLA.

Half asian essay

The numbers did drop, and in response, state Sen. You cannot address inequality by refusing to acknowledge it. But now that the legislation is in the Assembly, Asian-Americans are organizing against it. Meanwhile, supporters of repeal think they have a decent shot of winning because of the explosive growth of Latino voters.

Welcome to the current politics of affirmative action, which are far more complicated than black vs.

Half asian essay

California has adopted a host of terrific measures to boost racial diversity indirectly, mostly by looking at socioeconomic status. Nationally, more than one-quarter of high-school students live in states where racial preferences are outlawed at public universities.

These bans often led to sharp drops in black and Latino student enrollment initially, but over time states and universities adopted a number of race-neutral strategies to indirectly boost their enrollment, such as providing a leg up in admissions to low-income students of all races.

Many liberals understandably support repealing in California to make those universities more racially and ethnically inclusive. But lifting the ban is a bad idea for two reasons. Schools have reduced their reliance on standardized test scores for admissions, banned legacy preferences for the children of alumni, encouraged more community-college transfers to four-year institutions, and created new outreach programs to high-poverty high schools.

In —12, the proportion of students eligible for Pell grants federal financial aid for lower-income students at UCLA was 38 percent and at Berkeley 37 percent, compared with just 13 percent at another top public institution, the University of Virginia. Advertisement These steps helped accomplish what education is supposed to do—promote social mobility.

But they are likely to disappear if universities can go back to recruiting by race. Prestige-conscious universities receive no points from the U. That helps explain why most universities create racial diversity by recruiting fairly advantaged students of all colors.Let us eschew the familiar examples: the disinvited speakers, the Title IX tribunals, the safe zones stocked with Play-Doh, the crusades against banh mi.

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