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Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut

Henkinen turvallisuus luovassa musiikkikasvatuksessa: Musiikillisen keksimisen painoarvo on kasvanut Perusopetuksen perusteissa POPS,jossa luovuuden vahvistamista opetuksessa vaaditaan. Laveana teemana on sopeutuminen kaikessa moninaisuudessaan. Sopeutuminen olosuhteisiin, muutoksiin ja olosuhteiden muutoksiin.

Drumming perustui vahvasti konseptille. It contains a theoretical frame work and a process description of my artistic part of the thesis, the piece Dry Strom.

The theory of the work aims to create an understanding of how sound relates to the complex experience of thought and body. It uses theory of immersion, participatory creation, artistic work, human voice and phenomenology to do so. Within immersion it looks at how immersion within immersive theatre can be related to the experience of sound.

The participatory theory is used to compare the theory of participatory theatre to an active listening experience. Within theories of artistic work, the text discusses how our subjectivity can be seen as problematic, and how it affects our experience of what we encounter.

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The human voice theory is used to bring a personal view of how voice relates to the experience of sound and silence, while a final phenomenological approach is used to tie together what has been discussed. Beyond this, there is a chapter aiming to give perspective on how we can relate to our body, in relation to our subjectivity, and through a more direct contact to our body, discussed throughout the text.

The process description aims at opening up the process of creating the piece Dry Storm. Parts of the piece are opened up as part of the theory as an opening to comparison. Further, the process description discusses the process in relation to the participants of the process.

The process description also looks into the sounds used within the performance and ends by forming a reaction to the process in relation to the theoretical frame.

Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut

The text ends by introducing a theory for possible further studies. Se on vuorovaikutusta, johon kaikilla tulisi olla mahdollisuus vaikuttaa.

The two research questions are: The basis of this research is the artistic process of the devised theatre performance Names of Plants, as well as its four performances.

A group of nine performers, aged 19—48, and myself as the director experimented with various contemporary theatre practices used to create potential for disruption for the participants.

An added pedagogical dimension to the process was acknowledging the gender diversity in the group as some of the participants and the author do not identify with binary terms for gender.

The resulting performance, staged in an art gallery, was devised from the ideas, elements, autobiographical accounts, and movement sequences which originated in these exercises and practices.

The artistic outcomes were created with the aim that the members of the audience would have possibilities to experience disruptions. Material for this practice-led research was collected in a research diary, through questionnaires to the participants and by an exit questionnaire to the audience.Aug 24,  · Ethesis helsinki fi julkaisut >>> get more info Samples job application essay A separate peace: contrasting gene and phineas and the struggle for powerjulie gibsonjohn knowles’ a separate peace depicts many examples of how.

A study of its laboratory, clinical, genetic and social aspects based on known haemophiliacs in Finland. Helsingin yliopisto; Nevanlinna, H.R.

Factors affecting maternal Rh immunisation.

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depression and executive dysfunction after stroke Risto Vataja Academic dissertation to be publicly discussed by permission of the Medical Faculty of the University of Helsinki In Auditorium 2, Meilahti Hospital, on 20 May, at 12 noon.

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