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Mme la ministre, bonjour, et M. Mais je commencerais, Mme la ministre, avec le Grand Prix du Canada. Bon, on apprend des choses puis on se questionne.

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Today im going to be talking about our music, the growth of what we call "The Cameroon Music Industry" the phase its in and to point out possible solutions i think can be used to remedy the situation. To begin, whats an industry?

Ok from the look of this definitions do you find Cameroon doing all of this yet?? Do we really consume our music? No i dont think so The music industry group of individuals and organisations that earn money by selling live concerts and shows and represent our music Do we represent our music??

Do we really represent our Music?? Actually many other countries have gone through this stage but for how long should it last depends on the actors themselves Enough of this history lets bounce to present day Our musical root and cultured made us famous so why copy and the point is, we copy the Nigerian music style and not their industry root or functioning why so I entered into a club a Douala and the Dj couldnt play Cameroonian songs for like 30mins without jumping into some Nigerian, ivorian coupe decale other country songs and i ask maself whats going on, dont we have enough songs?

Let this problem begin right from scratch to be solved from producers and sound engineers they have to bring out Cameroon, they have to honor Cameroon. Ivorians still have zouglou and Coupe Decale till date banging and making waves and its still consumable till date.

Congolese have Ndombolo and Rumba and have never for one minute try to step out of the cage even if they have tried atleast they will be a stench of Ndombolo in it, if Ivorians wanna go outside the box there is still gonna be some coupe decale stench in it, if Cameroonians wanna get outside the box they should be a little stench of Makossa or Bikutsi in it very necessary lets be us lets do us lets blend in Afro pop or the modern Afro breeze sweeping the air with a little not much just a little bit of originality should be in it If Toyota partners with Mercedez to manufacture a car theres gonna be a Toyata originality or mark representation in one side and Mercedes on the other If Samsung is to produce a phone with Techno the Camera will show its samsung and the battery will show its Techno Please lets all do us.

We dont have a lot of online representators but the few that exist if there is a solidarity amongst them its gonna work out but we should not keep on saying unity is all we need unity is just a tip on the iceberg we need us from the inside to remedy this situation unity will come when we find us when we find Cameroon when we accept our roots Big up to TENOR for his Bikutsi riding and him blending rap into bikutsi and you all see the magic of his work he is a real talent They still manage to find their way to their roots and their population love it and consumes it lets get to that spotlight and show these guys how we can make it happen again lets wake that sleeping lion.

Stanley on an interview with Pulse said Cameroon Music will soon take over Africa and Nigerains dragged him to the mud and Cameroonians held their mouths with baby bottles very few stood by Stanley on that point. Arent we positive enough to see that we can take over the African music like we once were kings??

Lets put in more value into our music and we shall take over African music lets keep all the negative gists and vibes away lets throw them into the trash and do good music and once its good people out there will consume well things like this take time and i have a feeling that in two years its gonna be massive here in Cameroon and before the end of this year we shall see and know a talent that will pave the way for us Thanks once more for coming through you can follow me on social media; Instagram: Non je ne pense pasCet article explique comment utiliser le nginx HttpLimitReqModule pour limiter le nombre de demandes pour une session donnée.

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On peut aussi ouvrir la main à plat et utiliser la paume de la main pour frapper les oreilles de l’agresseur, comme si on donnait une gifle.

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J'ai souhaité ardemment que la volonté de Renaud courbât la mienne.

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Essayez donc de me frapper pour voir

ESTHER arrive chez elle en courant. Aside from Les Paul himself, I'd venture to say that Jimmy Page was one of the most famous people to ever use a Gibson, so it was only natural he'd have his own guitar.

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