Difference between marketing strategy and business plan

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Difference between marketing strategy and business plan

A Simple Analogy to Help Explain To understand the differences between these concepts, simply apply them to you. Getty Images In my work with entrepreneurs and business students, I often hear marketing strategies explained as "having social media ," "having an online brand ," or " advertising a lot.

When you do, this is what it would look like. Marketing is how you see yourself.

Advertising is how you act in public.

Marketing is the image that you are trying to present to others. It starts with how you dress, the colors and patterns you choose, and how you groom. You choose your image to portray yourself as a business professional, a punk rocker, a tech nerd, etc. For a business, a marketing strategy considers how you want others to perceive your company.

If marketing is how you see yourself, advertising describes your actions. How you carry yourself, where you hang out, and what you say are just as important as how you look.

Your business advertising strategy is the same. Branding is how others see you. While marketing is how you want others to see you, branding is how they actually do.

If you have a strong brand, you can spend more time building on it. As an example, if your professional network believes you to be a fraud or slacker, then it will require more than just dressing professionally and mastering your LinkedIn profile to change this perception.

difference between marketing strategy and business plan

What other methods or analogies do you use to simplify and explain the differences between marketing concepts? Please share your valuable insights with others below in the comments. Mar 26, Like this column?

Sign up to subscribe to email alerts and you'll never miss a post.Many confuse social media with social business. Even the smartest business leaders confuse the medium and technology with the journey or destination.

Many find it shocking to learn that opening up a Facebook or Twitter account does not make them a social business. It's not surprising that people are. The business plan and the marketing plan are both essential aspects of successful businesses.

The Difference Between Marketing Strategy vs Tactics - An Example

These plans not only help businesses organize their operations, but help benchmark their success or. Aug 08,  · Business Plans vs. Strategic Plans: What’s the Difference? by: Helena Hauk managing. Many business owners know and understand the value of a business plan. lets look at the difference between a business and strategic plan.

In the simplest terms: The business plan answers the “what” by telling us exactly what the business provides /5(78). There’s a big difference between ethics and integrity. Know the difference. Be open.

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Take the high [ ]. Marketing refers to the activities of a company associated with buying, advertising, distributing or selling a product or service.

With a top-down strategic approach, the executive team of the business establishes plans and goals, and then communicates that strategy to middle managers, who then become tasked with executing that strategy through rank-and-file employees.

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