Constitution week writing activities

State Budgeting, Planning and Appropriations Processes.

Constitution week writing activities

Such rights shall continue until the member no longer has any rights under the appropriate Collective Agreement. Application for membership shall indicate the Local and Chapter to which the applicant will be assigned, but no application shall be deemed insufficient or invalid for any misdescription or non-description of the assigned component.

By being and remaining members, they select and designate the Union or the appropriate component part, as the case may be, or the Union may elect, to be their sole and exclusive agent to bargain terms, conditions and benefits of employment with whomever may be their employer.

Associate members shall pay dues of point one two five percent. If the campaign does not result in certification, the application fee shall be returned. Each Convention shall be held at such time and place as determined by the Provincial Executive.

Registration of Delegates 2. Interim Report of Credentials Committee and at commencement of each session 3. Rules of Order and Determination of Sessional Hours 4. Report of the President 5.

In an election year, elections shall be held commencing on the morning of the 2nd day for President, Executive Secretary-Treasurer and Vice-Presidents and shall continue until completed. Reports of Committees 9.

Financial Statements and Budget if not already presented to Convention shall be presented on the morning of the last scheduled day In the event of an election, Pledge of Office Adjournment of Convention b Resolutions and any other business not dealt with by a Convention shall die on the order table.

constitution week writing activities

In addition, Locals shall be entitled to elect one delegate for one hundred or less members, and one additional delegate for each additional one hundred members or portion thereof, based on the twelve 12 month average Headquarters records as of October 31st, preceding the Convention.

For the purpose of this Article, members shall mean regular members as defined in Article 4. For Locals with Chapters, only properly nominated Chapter members shall be elected as delegates to Convention.

Any credentials not used by the properly elected delegates from each Chapter shall be allocated to the next properly elected nominee, then an alternate from the same Chapter.

In the event that neither the Delegate nor an Alternate from the Chapter can attend Convention, the Local Council shall have the authority to allocate that credential to any other properly elected Chapter nominee or alternate from the Local.

A resolution shall not deal with more than one subject matter and shall specify the action proposed. A resolution shall not contain more than one hundred and fifty words, inclusive of the preamble. Resolutions that involve changes or additions to the Constitution are not limited to one hundred and fifty words.

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Only late resolutions deemed to be of an urgent nature shall be placed before Convention. Ex-officio members shall not be entitled to vote except the Vice-Presidents shall retain the right to vote as regular members in their own components.

The President, along with the Executive Secretary-Treasurer, shall be responsible for the operation of the subsidiary company. The President, or his designate, may: The President shall advise the parties of his ruling within twenty 20 days of receipt of the appeal.

The Provincial Executive shall render a decision, which shall be final and binding on all parties. The Executive Secretary-Treasurer, along with the President, shall be responsible for the operation of the subsidiary company.

The Provincial Executive shall be the governing body of the Union between Conventions. Where practicable, seven 7 days notice of Provincial Executive meetings shall be given.


Any business transacted by the Provincial Executive in this manner will have the same force as a motion regularly passed at a meeting. The quorum for proceedings under this section will be the same as for a regular meeting.

In the event that a lack of quorum prevents a meeting being called to order, the meeting shall be adjourned to a time and place one week later. Notice of adjournment shall be given to all its members.

Their term of Office shall be two years and such election shall take place in the same election year as that of the President. The elected Provincial Executive members shall assume the duties of their Office immediately following the annual general meeting at which they are elected.

Any business transacted by the Executive Committee in this manner will have the same force as a motion regularly passed at a meeting.

Such contracts will not contain confidentiality clauses to allow for full disclosure; d from time to time, by resolution, establish, merge, amalgamate, dissolve or divide Chapters, Locals and Area Councils in accordance with the criteria set out by the Provincial Executive and may assign a jurisdiction and assign membership to Locals, Chapters and Area Councils thus established; and e to carry out all of the duties delegated to the Executive Committee by the Constitution.

It shall appoint members to the committee and establish appropriate terms of reference. It may require that committee to report back to it or a subsequent Convention.

All names submitted, by individuals or by components, shall be considered for appointment to committees, based on knowledge and merit of the individual. Committee members shall be appointed in as much as possible to ensure fair representation by both Local and geography.

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The document succeeded the Constitution, originally adopted at the creation of the. - Constitution. Download the Constitution () here.

PREAMBLE “The Constitution of the Alberta Union of Provincial Employees” It is of, by and for the membership.

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