Cisco systems go to market evolution

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Cisco systems go to market evolution

Last Month in Internet Intelligence: October The level of significant Internet disruptions observed through the Oracle Internet Intelligence Map was lower in October, though the underlying reasons for these disruptions remained generally consistent compared to prior months.

For enterprises, the importance of redundant Internet connectivity and regularly exercised failover plans is clear. Unfortunately, for state-imposed Internet outages, such planning and best practices may need to include failsafes for operations while periodically offline.

Directed disconnection On October 10, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed met with several hundred soldiers who had marched on his office to demand increased pay.

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The figure below shows that the disruption began around The impact of the Internet shutdown is also clearly evident in the figure below, which shows traceroutes into Ethio Telecomthe state-owned telecommunications service provider. Similar to the country-level graph shown above, the number of completed traceroutes into Ethio Telecom dropped significantly for several hours.

However, a complete Internet outage was not observed in either case. Exams On October 14, the Ministry of Communications in Iraq announced the latest round of Internet shutdowns within the country in conjunction with nationwide exams.

As noted in the pastduring these nationwide disruptions, telecoms with independent Internet connections through the north of Iraq often stay online, as do those with independent satellite links. However, the figures below illustrate the impact of these state-imposed disruptions on two major Iraqi network providers, ITC and Earthlink.

These graphs show that the observed disruptions within these networks appear to be near-complete, as well as the lack of anticipated outages on the 19th, 23rd, and 24th.

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This October blackout follows similar events in July and August. As seen in the figure below, the traceroute completion ratio metric saw a sharp but partial drop during the evening of October 15, aligned with the time the power outage reportedly began.

Venezuela is 4 hours behind GMT. The metric recovered gradually over the following 24 hours, though it took a few days for it to return to normal. It is particularly evident in the graphs for Net Uno and Interseen in the top row, with noticeable declines in the number of completed traceroutes to targets in those networks.

The impact was less pronounced in other networks such as Digitel and CANTVwith the number of completed traceroutes seeing a more nominal decline.

As the graphs show, both the traceroute completion ratio and DNS query rate metrics dropped concurrent with the arrival of the storm, but the routing infrastructure remained stable.

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Services were reportedly restored just before The figure below shows how the link failure impacted connectivity at a country level in East Timor.

The traceroute completion ratio metric was lower for the 5-plus hour duration of the disruption, and the number of routed networks dipped lower for the period as well.

The impact is harder to see in the in the DNS query rate graph, likely due to the skew caused by the spikes on October 21 and 23, but the graph does appear to flatten during the period of the disruption. The traffic shifts graphs below illustrate how the Telkomsel link failure impacted network providers in East Timor.

Cisco systems go to market evolution

Published reports quoted a representative of Timor Telecomand the first figure corroborates their report of the problems with Telkomsel and failed shift of upstream traffic to O3b. Telkomsel is a subsidiary of Telekomunikasi Indonesia International, which is shown in the graphs below.View Notes - cisco from MRKT 14 at Institute of Management Technology.

Case Analysis: CISCO Systems: Managing the Go-to-Market Evolution Situation Analysis Company Introduction Leader %(4).

In an effort to keep conversations fresh, Cisco Blogs closes comments after 60 days. Please visit the Cisco Blogs hub page for the latest content. COURSE TITLE START DATE-END DATE; CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor: Jul 7, -Oct 20, Linux Essentials: Oct 1, -Oct 5, Linux Administration - LPIC 1.

Note: Percentages within parentheses refer to relative share for and At the end of , these 24 hyperscale operators will in aggregate have data centers, with North America having the largest share, at 46 percent, followed by Asia Pacific, with 30 percent, Western Europe, with 19 percent, and Latin America, with 4 percent.

DEF CON Computer Underground Hackers Convention Speaker Page. Thursday, February 23, Case Analysis: CISCO Systems: Managing the Go-to-Market Evolution Group 5 ROHIT NATH | GAURAV PATANGE | MANGESH PATIL MAHTAAB KAJLA | SACHIN KUMAR Situation Analysis Company Introduction Leader in switches and router market and had followed a strategy of growth through acquisitions Market capitalization greater than $ bn in Followed a market 5/5(12).

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