It was the first part of Towne's planned trilogy about the character J. Gittes, the foibles of the Los Angeles power structure, and the subjugation of public good by private greed. It was directed by Jack Nicholson and released inbut the second film's commercial and critical failure scuttled plans to make Gittes vs. Gittes, [10] about the third finite resource—land—in Los Angeles, circa


This section contains weasel words: Such statements should be clarified or removed. March Cooks at a Manhattan Chinatown restaurant taking a break Most Chinatowns are centered on food, and as a result Chinatowns worldwide are usually popular destinations for various ethnic Chinese and other Asian cuisines such as VietnameseThaiand Malaysian.

Some Chinatowns, such as in Singaporehave developed their own localized style of Chinese cuisine. Chinatown restaurants serve both as major Chinatown components and as social gathering places.

In the Chinatowns in many western countries, restaurant work may be the only type of employment available for poorer immigrants, especially those who cannot converse fluently in the language of the adopted country. Most Chinatowns generally have a range of authentic and tourist-oriented restaurants.

Some restaurants in Chinatown do not cater towards non-Chinese customers. Because of ethnic Chinese immigration and the expanded palate of many contemporary cultures, the remaining American Chinese and Canadian Chinese cuisine restaurants are seen as anachronisms,[ who?


In many Chinatowns, there are now many large, authentic Cantonese seafood restaurants, restaurants specializing in other varieties of Chinese cuisine such as Hakka cuisineSzechuan cuisineShanghai cuisineand small restaurants with delicatessen foods. Cantonese seafood restaurants[ edit ] See also: Some seafood restaurants may also offer dim sum in the morning through the early afternoon hours, as waiters announce the names of dishes while pushing steaming carts of food and pastries around the restaurant.

Chinatown Los Angeles – A Neighborhood Steeped in Culture and History.

These restaurants are also a popular place for weddings, banquetsand other special events. These types of restaurants flourished and became in vogue in Hong Kong during the s, and subsequently began opening in various Chinatowns overseas. Poorer immigrants usually cannot start these kinds of restaurants, although they too are employed in them.

There are generally fewer of them in the older Chinatowns; for example, they are practically non-existent in Vancouver 's Chinatown, but are found in its suburbs such as Richmond, British ColumbiaCanada.

Competition between these restaurants is often fierce; hence owners of seafood restaurants hire and even "steal" the best chefs, many of whom are from Hong Kong.

They also tend to have displays of whole pre-cooked roasted ducks and suckling pigs hanging in their windows, a common feature in most Chinatowns worldwide. Food is usually intended for take-out. Some of these Chinatown restaurants sometimes have reputations for being " greasy spoons " and for poor service, whereas others may be clean and well-lit, with suitable decor and attentive waitstaff.

Vietnamese immigrants, both ethnic Chinese and non-Chinese, have opened restaurants in many Chinatowns, serving Vietnamese pho beef noodle soups and Franco-Vietnamese sandwiches.

Some immigrants have also started restaurants serving Teochew Chinese cuisine. Some Chinatowns both old and new may also contain several pan-Asian restaurants offering a variety of Asian noodles under one roof.

Localized cuisines[ edit ] Chop suey and chow mein eateries United States [ edit ] Often lit by neon signagerestaurants offering chop suey or chow meinmainly for the benefit of non-Chinese customers, were frequent in older Chinatowns.Oct 12,  · The area is a rather small.

historic borough east of downtown consisting of, what I could see about one or two handful ethnic Chinese and other Asian restaurants and small businesses situated along H and I Streets between 5th and 8th Streets.3/5().

Polanksi's 'Chinatown' stands as one of the classics of s American cinema, the last classic period in American cinema. It's a great reminder of how utterly engaging cinema can be without the special effects, flimsy plots and outrageous stunts of many major studio productions now, not evening mentioning the obvious marketing tie-ins.

Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown is located east of Downtown near Penn Quarter, a revitalized arts and entertainment district with new restaurants, hotels, nightclubs, museums, theaters and trendy stores, and is marked off by the Friendship Arch, a traditional Chinese gate prominently on display at .

Jun 20,  · Watch video · Directed by Roman Polanski. With Jack Nicholson, Faye Dunaway, John Huston, Perry Lopez. A private detective hired to expose an adulterer finds himself caught up in a web of deceit, corruption, and murder/10(K). Xiao Long Bao at Chinatown Austin may not have the laundry list of Chinese cuisine options found in other cities, but we can at least take comfort in knowing that delicious dim sum is available at Chinatown's Far West and Westlake locations —and the Shanghai-style .

Chinatown (DVD) Landmark movie in the film noir tradition, Roman Polanski's Chinatown st ands as a true screen classic. Jack Nicholson is private eye Jake Gitte s, living off the murky moral climate of sunbaked, pre-war Southern Cali fornia/5().

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