Case study memton bank

About ME Bank Established in to provide home finance to members of industry retirement superannuation funds, ME Bank is now a fully-fledged retail bank. Unlike traditional banks, ME Bank services its customers through digital channels, and via workplace and mobile bankers. The Challenge BeforeME Bank had to invest a considerable proportion of its income to support inefficient, manual operating processes:

Case study memton bank

Any idea even Case study memton bank related to the ability to transact online was immediately funded. Consequently, many decisions were made quickly and without supporting data.

This case study will review how a Black Belt entered a dot-com transactional business, reviewed a process and came to his own conclusions about process performance.

Online Banking The Black Belt began working at online bankand his first project involved the process of how deposits were made to this bank.

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Since it was an online bank, there were no branches for customers to use. Savings resulting from the lack of branches and tellers were passed along to the customer in the form of higher rates, free services, etc. Customer focus groups and surveys indicated that the process of making a deposit is of critical importance to a customer.

These local deposit locations received the deposits and overnight express reshipped them to a central processing location daily. This local receipt and express reshipment to a central location was done for two main reasons: A deposit being mailed to a local location would take less time than mailing to a centralized, national location.

Customer input indicated that mailing within a state or to a neighboring state would make customers more comfortable than mailing to a centralized, national location somewhere across the United States.

Case study memton bank

A project charter was created identifying exactly what the process entailed. The business case was written, the problem statement crafted and the scope clearly identified. The team was formed and quickly moved into the measurement phase. Data surrounding the deposits was collected and the analyze phase began to yield some alarming results.

Intuition led the leaders of the business to set up a system that locally collected deposits for express reshipment to a centralized, national location for processing. How could mailing to a centralized, national location be quicker than mailing locally and express reshipping?

Why would customers not feel more comfortable mailing locally than to a centralized, national location? Data and Root Causes Data collectionhowever, revealed a few flaws that were not originally identified: The express reshipment process was manual.

Manual processes that are not reinforced daily and that do not have adequate control plans tend to break down. That is exactly what occurred with the local deposit locations. Some locations would not receive deposits on a daily basis.

When deposits were received, they sometimes would not be express reshipped that night because of a lack of engrained process. For deposits that were received during the week, the express reshipment process functioned properly.

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Because of USPS processes, some deposit mailings to local deposit locations took as long as three days. Additional Findings An additional analysis of deposits made to a local deposit location with express reshipment to a national location versus mailing directly to a centralized, national location yielded the following results: The local process operates at a 2.

The centralized, national process is faster 2. An additional survey conducted with focus groups indicated that the deposit mailing location is not a significant factor for a majority of respondents. As an aside, the original data indicating that customers were more comfortable mailing deposits within their state could not be found.

A benchmarking analysis of direct competitors indicated that all utilized a centralized, national deposit process.James Mwangi, the CEO of Equity Bank, a microfinance services provider, oversaw a remarkable turnaround at his organization beginning in the early s.

Case Studies AmBank Case Study The AmBank Group, one of Malaysia’s premier financial services group with leadership positions in the retail banking, commercial banking, investment banking and insurance sectors, has implemented its new core banking system (AmBanCS) in November last year.

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It turned out the primeval study was blemished in terms of both. Case Study Brief Introduction: The Bank of America was formed in after the merger of California based Bank of America and the Nations Bank of North Carolina.

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At the end of the 20th century the bank stood as the second largest bank in the American market with close to . Bank of America - Applying MAA best practices to standard service level tiers - Oracle RAC, Data Guard, and GoldenGate case study Beijing Mobile - MAA for database consolidation, Oracle RAC, Data Guard, RMAN, ASM, and GoldenGate for migration.

Case study memton bank

Case Study-Memton Bank Essay. 1 - Case Study-Memton Bank Essay introduction. Identify the steps taken by Menton Bank to develop a stronger customer orientation in its retail branches.

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