Canada should let syrian refugees into the country

They are not able to return home. They have seen or experienced many horrors.

Canada should let syrian refugees into the country

It is an image that this week became a symbol of the migrant crisis that has seen millions on the move, fleeing war in Syria and Iraq. And escaping persecution, conflict and destroyed economies in Afghanistan, Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia and other vulnerable countries.

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Alan Kurdi's story is particularly poignant here in Canada because his aunt, who lives in British Columbia, was trying to find a way to one day bring that branch of the family to join her.

The story dominated the election campaign this week - and all the party leaders have been reflecting on the part Canada has to play in responding to the global refugee crisis.

Today we want to hear from you - What can be done to cope with the pressing needs of the world's millions of migrants who are on the move and in search of a better life? Four million people from Syria alone, that's nearly a fifth of that country's population, have fled since the war began in On Friday the head of the UN refugee agency urged for a "mass relocation program" for refugees now camped out in European railway stations and ports, marching along highways and crammed into rickety boats in the Mediterranean.

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Should Canada be doing more to help? A poll this week shows that most Canadians think that Canada should do more - but some are uncertain about the economic burden this will bring. Today we want to hear your thoughts. What is the role of private sponsorship in all this?


The immigration Minister Chris Alexander today called on private sponsors across the country "to come together as Canadians and do one of the things this country does best which is to resettle refugees from dangerous places.A West Point cadet explains why he believes the United States must do more to help Syrian refugees into the country.

Yes, we should consider refugees’ religion. Yet Christians have been a tiny percentage of Syrian refugees accepted into this country – two percent, according to the State Department. Dec 02,  · While it should be second nature to help those in need, the us has already poured more money than any other country into aiding the Syrians.

We have the space and resources to help them, but there is a small possibility that a terrorist could slip in with the Open. Claim: There is "no system to vet" refugees from the Middle The Obama administration has resettled 13, Syrian refugees into the United States since the beginning of – an increase of percent over the same month period in For comparison, Germany has accepted 38, Syrian refugees and Canada has accepted 36, since The United States admitted only a tiny amount of refugees during the first three years of .

Canada should let syrian refugees into the country
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