Business plan petrol pump retail outlet

Jul 18, Billionaire Mukesh Ambani-led Reliance Industries RIL has rejigged its fuel retail business to hive off the fuel retail outlets owned by the company and merge them with its organised retail arm as part of its strategy to develop retail offerings at these petrol pumps. RIL has merged its 'company owned-company operated' fuel retail pumps with its organised retail business, which thus far included its digital, fashion and lifestyle businesses.

Business plan petrol pump retail outlet

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Two Supermarket Liquidation Inventories Please download spread sheet from top of the page for easier viewing Liquid Asset Partners will be selling the following Commercial Refrigeration out of the closed Quality Market supermarket: The restaurant equipment available for sell is listed below: Liquidation Definitions Liquidation- Is to pay off a debt, a claim, or an obligation ; settle.

To settle the affairs of a business firm, for example by determining the liabilities and applying the assets to their discharge. To convert assets into cash. To settle a debt, a claim, or an obligation.

business plan petrol pump retail outlet

To settle the affairs of a business or an estate by disposing of its assets and liabilities. For over-the-counter stocks, the asking price is the best quoted price at which a Market Maker is willing to sell a stock. For mutual funds, the asking price is the net asset value plus any sales charges.

Assets- Accounting the entries on a balance sheet showing all properties, both tangible and intangible, and claims against others that may be applied to cover the liabilities of a person or business. Assets can include cash, stock, inventories, property rights, business plan petrol pump retail outlet goodwill.

The entire property owned by a person, especially a bankrupt, which can be used to settle debts. Asset Approach- Business valuation method based on the net assets value of a going concern. Asset Availability- State of an asset in which it is available and ready to be put to its designed or intended use.

Asset Management- Prudent administration of investable liquid assets, aimed at achieving an optimum risk-reward ratio. Asset Recovery- Selling off or disposing off obsolete, scrap, surplus, or waste goods or material in a manner that maximizes the return while minimizing the costs and liabilities.

Asset Turnover- Net sales divided by total assets. This is a measure of how well assets are being used to produce revenue. Asset Value- The net market value of a company's assets divided by the number of outstanding shares of that company's stock. Investors often use the asset value of a company when determining if the company's shares are overvalued or undervalued.

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For example, if the asset value per share is higher than the market price for a share then the stock could be considered undervalued. It is also a receipt for cargo accepted for transportation, and must be presented for taking delivery at the destination.

It serves as a proof of ownership title of the cargo, and may be issued either in a negotiable or non-negotiable form.

In negotiable form, it is commonly used in letter of credit transactions, and may be bought, sold, or traded; or used as security for borrowing money.

Bill of Sale- Document such as an invoice by which ownership title of goods or property is transferred. Buyer's Premium or BP - An advertised percentage of the high bid or flat fee added to the high bid to determine the total contract price to be paid by the buyer.

Cash-In-Hand- Cash in actual possession; also called cash-in-hand or cash-on-hand. Certified Check- Check guaranteed by its issuing bank that 1 it carries genuine signature, and 2 it will be paid when presented for payment. The issuing bank takes out the check's amount from the check writer's drawer's account and holds it in reserve to ensure the check's payment.

A certified check is a cash equivalent, and normally its payment cannot be prevented by a stop payment order. Clearance Sale- Retail sale in which closeout goods are offered at heavily discounted prices.

Closeout- Disposing of discontinued, obsolete, or slow-moving stock, usually through a clearance sale. Closeout Liquidator- Firm that buys all or most of a closeout stock of another firm and sells it other vendors.

Commission- The fee charged to the seller by the auctioneer for providing services, usually a percentage of the gross selling price of the property established by contract the listing agreement prior to the auction.

Conditions of Sale- the legal terms that govern the conduct of an auction; including: Usually included in published advertisements or announced by the auctioneer prior to the start of the auction.

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See also consolidated financial statement. Consultant- Experienced professional who provides expert knowledge often packaged under a catchy name for a fee. Discount- Deduction from the face amount of an invoice, made in advance of its payment.

Due Diligence- The process of gathering information about the condition and legal status of assets being sold. Equity- Is the difference in value between a person's debts and the value of the property on which they are secured. Fire Sale- Liquidation of a firm's assets at prices far below their fair market value FMV to achieve a quick sale, either to avoid a financial disaster or to satisfy the debts of an insolvent or bankrupt firm.

Banks and other lenders usually value a firm assets at their fire sale value to judge their worth as collateral. Fixed Asset- Land, buildings, equipment, machinery, vehicles, leasehold improvements, and other such items.Apex Petroleum Corporation Service Station Business Plan Your Neighborhood Gas Station Please type or print Name Please create a grand opening plan to get your business off to a solid start.


____Familiar with retail petroleum operation and accounting systems. Planning Applications. The City Council receives scores of planning applications every week. Many of these are minor alterations that may be important to neighbours but have little significance to .

Why do people say that opening a petrol pump is not profitable, but people still keep opening new ones? Update Cancel.

ad by Zoho. Petrol Retail business, being dominated by OMCs, has traditionally been a fixed margin business. In case of fixed margin business, if the retail outlet is able to tick a few of the below mentioned points, it.

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Explore and learn more about . Allensburg's Food and Gas convenience store gas station business plan products. Allensburg's Food and Gas will offer highway commuters competitive gas prices, organic produce, a deli, packaged foods/5(39).

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