Bmhr5103 human resource management assignment

Use double space and point of Times New Roman font. This assignment is an individual task. The case is in Appendix 1 and you are required to answer the following questions: Discuss some important factors that could help shape her ethical behavior at work.

Bmhr5103 human resource management assignment

How to Write a Summary of an Article? Miree and John E. Galletly wrote this case solely to provide material for class discussion.

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Telerik was a young, privately-held company that had won many awards for its products, services and organization, and had grown to be a major player in the global software market with over employees in nine locations on three continents.

Telerik was known not only for its excellent products but also for its organizational design and management throughout Central and Eastern Europe.

Bmhr5103 human resource management assignment

The company prided itself on its cutting-edge, customer-focused products and on hiring only the best employees. The rapid development and dissemination of general and specific products and services in the software-engineering industry had been supported by the geographical flexibility of companies and employees, the relatively low barriers to entry for companies into the industry and the minimal regulatory controls over the industry.

Companies in Bulgaria were gradually moving towards the relatively open management style found in most Western companies since the fall of communism in had introduced free-market capitalism to the country. With its entry into the European Union in and the necessary regulatory and structural changes required for membership, Bulgaria had upgraded its educational programs in many fields and supported the development of private companies in the software field.

The country had developed an infrastructure that included support for entrepreneurial endeavours and general business development and growth with direct government funding and the facilitation of foreign investment.

Bulgaria had developed a strong and positive reputation in the software industry and many Bulgarian companies offered a wide range of IT services including information systems, network security services and solutions, e-business and wireless applications, geographic information systems GISgaming solutions, web design, complete business-to- business solutions, embedded software, computer-aided design CADcomputer-aided manufacturing CAM and multimedia products.

The country had become home to a number of innovative and rapidly expanding software companies, and Telerik was considered to be one of its major success stories. They decided that their business would be based on developing detailed, customizable UI components for the newly introduced Microsoft ASP.

The initial components were a success with clients and Telerik began to make a name for itself. Inthe company received its first Microsoft Gold Partner certification and launched Sitefinity, its content- management system for websites. The first Telerik-sponsored international software development conference, DevReach, was held in in Sofia.

In addition, Telerik opened its new corporate headquarters in Sofia in and introduced three new product lines WPF, Silverlight, and. Later inthe company opened a new office in Munich, Germany, through its acquisition of the company Vanatec and its ORM products. After receiving funds from the venture capital firm Summit Partners, Telerik also opened an office in Houston, Texas in in order to house its developer evangelist team and provide developer-level technical support for customers.


Answer in English. Learners are to submit assignment only in MsWord .docx) format unless specified. The difference between Human Resource Management and Personnel Management Human resource Management is a needed function on all the organisations because is the process of hiring and selection of people for the right job by training the candidates and increasing their skills and performance providing appropriate.

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