Artist business plan

Resources Being a professional artist involves more than being skilled with paints or clay—you actually become a small business owner!

Artist business plan

Reeves - Updated September 26, If you're ready to quit your day job and work as an artist full-time, you need to prepare a business plan. This will keep you focused on meeting the artistic and financial goals you set for yourself, and it will help you focus your approach to marketing and distributing your artistic artist business plan.

Although business plans are more pragmatic than they are artistic, the success of your arts-based business depends on your plan's strength and cohesiveness. Items you will need Market research Business goals Draft a mission statement.

The mission statement should consist of a few concise sentences that convey exactly what you plan to achieve through your arts-based business endeavor. Tailor the mission statement to your business goals.

For example, if you want to focus on creating affordable art pieces to sell at boutique-style retail stores, mention this in your mission statement.

You can include a few phrases about the themes you wish to explore with your work, but use as little abstract language as possible. Your artist business plan must include a clear idea of the product you wish to sell, whether it's hand-thrown pottery, large-scale prints or conceptually-driven knitwear.

Conduct market research to see what kind of work does well in local, national and perhaps even global markets. Use your research to discuss your work's viability in potential markets within the business plan.

artist business plan

Determine the best way to market your product. You can dip into your market research once more to make a decision about marketing options. For example, would your work fare better at art galleries or boutiques? Decide how much money your arts-based business should make. Your business plan needs to account for expenses such as materials, studio space, trade-show fees and start-up loans.

Now measure this number against your work's projected earnings. Identify other sources of income such as classes and workshops. Your artist business plan should include projections about income earned from teaching.

Set short-term and long-term goals. Include benchmark goals in your arts-based business plan and explain how you plan to reach them.

Goals can include reaching certain markets over the course of several years or increasing net profit over the course of several years.Creating your art business plan is one of the most empowering steps you can take to insure your art career success.

In this article I show you how. Artists, without a plan, you will be completely overwhelmed by all the things you could do for your career.

This is why an artist business plan will come in handy! This takes the trouble out of planning your art career by offering ideas, suggestions,and examples on how to create your own plan for success.

This business plan is easy to use, self explanatory and perfect for someone starting out. May 31,  · The first big hurdle for the artist business plan is what they call the business model, or, if you don’t like the trendy buzzword, how you make money.

If you’re a performer, I assume it’s about gigs, managers, and that stuff. Or, it’s about selling your paintings, sculptures, or photographs/5(11).

As an artist, you probably never put much thought into creating a business plan, but having a well-thought out artist business plan can be the difference between success and struggle as an art entrepreneur.

As an artist, you probably never put much thought into creating a business plan, but having a well-thought out artist business plan can be the difference between success and struggle as an art .

What's the point of a business plan for artists. Well it's easy to feel lost and directionless in this biz.

A Sample Freelance Makeup Artist Business Plan Template And every other uncategorized target market Our Competitive Advantage We understand the power of makeup and our intention is therefore to build a business that is not only a national brand but an international brand as well.

But making a plan can put YOU back in charge.

How to Create Your Art Business Plan