Advertising and promotion project

It has come to assume the centre of modern marketing and it is one of the major forms of promotion on product and service marketing. Billboard advertising has assumed a wider and prominent position on product promotion in recent times in Nigeria. Despite electronic media, billboard advertising got product promotion on the increase.

Advertising and promotion project

Share10 16 Shares This post was updated on October 25, to note the significant development of the scope of work approach for agency fees. Therefore the ability to measure and manage the agency scope of work has become increasingly important beyond the basics and how to start measuring scope of work shared here.

If you would like to read more on Agency Scope of Work you will find it here. Think of the marketing plan as the blueprints for a construction of some sort.

After all we refer to it as brand building so the metaphor is not that far removed. In developing the plans for the building we need to take into consideration the end use objectives the style brand personality and the budget budget.

As clearly the plans will determine the scope of work, which will determine the tasks to be delivered, which will determine the level and type of resources required, which will then determine the cost of those resources, then throw in the materials production and all together it will then determine the overall cost.

Yet defining the scope of work can be a difficult and apparently almost Herculean task for some marketers. The usual problems with determining scope of work are: The marketing plan does not currently exist no plans, no approval 2.

The budget is unconfirmed or changing clearly someone with deep pockets 3.

Advertising and promotion project

The details of the marketing plan are unclear someone who is indecisive 4. While quite rudimentary, this is based on the fact that many agencies will work out revenue projections based on the advertisers proposed spend along the lines of the traditional media commission for media agencies or extraction rate for creative agencies.

Top 10 Role of Advertising in Promotion of a Product

Defining scope of work by deliverables While the budget or proposed spend can define a basic volume of work, it does not take into consideration the complexity, which can impact significantly on the resources required.

Even in the media space, a number of smaller media campaigns can be more resource consuming than one major campaign, while online media planning and optimisation is significantly more resource consuming than many traditional media campaigns.

For creative work, allocating the type of deliverables TV, Online, Mobile, Press, Magazine etc based on the previous campaign requirements can be more insightful than having no scope at all. Defining scope of work by strategy If trying to lock in the deliverables proves too difficult or constraining, then another valid approach is to define the strategic requirements by brand or category and develop a scope of work based on past requirements and remuneration for similar strategic deliverables.


Each of these would then be related back to a previous similar activity and the remuneration paid to the agency. This obviously requires a level of transparency into the cost paid in the past.

While this may appear easy, the problem is that without a base scope of work initially, even with the best intentions, there will quickly develop conflict between the agency and advertiser if the scope outstrips the resources covered by the remuneration level.

If you have no scope of work and the agency is not complaining about the level of remuneration, it could be that the level is about right or possibly much higher than required. For marketers in this situation we have the Scope of Work Calculator Also called the Scope Manager by TBWA who have refined this approach further This allows us to monitor the scope of work delivered by the agency and adjust the fee going forward to reflect any change in the outputs from the agency.

What methods do you use to define your scope of work? Interested in knowing more about managing agency scope of work?

You can download a free TrinityP3 White Paper on the topic here. Find out more on how TrinityP3 can help you manage your agency scope of work and associated fees here.

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Advertising and promotion project

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Developing a customer base presents a major challenge for businesses large and small. This is particularly true for organizations that have limited resources, where every advertising dollar counts.

Advertising is evolving rapidly in the new digital frontier. The AMA's regular coverage of major events, like the NFL's Super Bowl, offer some fun and timely way to incorprate advertising projects in the is a quick list of seven standby assignments and projects that many instructors have successfully executed.

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Project Report on Advertising Effectiveness [Advertising/Sales Promotion/Sales. Management] ADVERTISING EFFECTIVENESS CONCEPTUAL STUDY OF PROMOTION MIX People no longer buy shoes to keep there feet warm and dry. They buy them because of the way the shoes make them feel masculine, feminine, rugged, different. Promotion While an exceptional project can find outpourings of support from all over the web, much of your support may still come from people who already know your work: your fans, friends, and community. Read on for tips on spreading the word about your idea, and getting people as excited about the project . However, without marketing a company gets very little, if any, promotion or exposure, meaning the chances of growth are slim to none. This is a well-known fact among marketers, evident in the amount of dollars successful corporations allocate toward sales and marketing every year.

Find who you know. First Name Last Name. Example: Jeff Marketing, Advertising, . Promotion While an exceptional project can find outpourings of support from all over the web, much of your support may still come from people who already know your work: your fans, friends, and community.

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